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Instagram is one of the most innovative social networks of recent times. Since its arrival on the market, it has marked an incredible boom thanks to its difference in options, tools, services and tools compared to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Its impact has been such that many of these pioneering network platforms have copied many of the unique features and qualities that Instagram features, but even so it is currently a favorite of millions of people.

Among innovative features that Instagram presents, the main idea is to fully interact through images and videos that users post on their profiles.

Within these profiles we will find only photos and videos uploaded by users, as well as a subdivision of images in which they are tagged. The followers of these users will be able to comment on these photos but not attach more, therefore I cannot reply with photos.

Instagram also has introduced the Reels feature not long ago. At the beginning and the beginning of this application the videos could not exceed 30 seconds. Many users didn't like that idea as they thought the time to record something meaningful was too short, so over time they increased the quota to 1 min, but it still wasn't enough. Over time they decided to take the plunge and present the reels, they are videos of any length.

These rollers have a special category within the application, where we can see all those videos uploaded by the pages and people we follow in our account. On the other hand, another of the new options presented by this application is the «Discover» function. Based on your tastes, the accounts you follow and what you like, the Instagram algorithm will take care of presenting you with publications totally linked to your way of being.

Instagram like other social networks ha also a small messaging service with a large number of features, this will allow us to communicate with any of our contacts on this network, we can send photos, videos and chats which can only be viewed for a certain amount of time. This is also one of the novelties offered by this important social network.

We will not only have the ability to create personal accounts but also business accounts in case you start a new business and want to emerge. Instagram presents a large number of options for those small businesses just starting out and offers advertising and marketing aids.

But there is one of these qualities and characteristics that has differentiated and totally differentiates even today from other social networks. Subsequently we will perhaps tell you about the strength that Instagram has as a social network, its impact on users and why it was so good that it ended up being copied by all the big companies. Stay with us and we'll explain what Instagram Stories are and all the details related to it.

What are Instagram Stories?

And the main quality that this social network offers to users. It consists in being able to publish photos and videos for a specific time of 24 hours. Therefore, this will only be visible in those moments and thus will be automatically deleted, although you will have the opportunity to recover your stories if you act in time. From this, several options are presented such as having the ability to be able to add the song of your choice to your stories, make predetermined video edits presented by IG, such as Zoom or Boomerang.

We can also tag people in ours  stories  and indicate the temperature that is present in the place where we are and many other options. This feature ended up being copied from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, thus confirming the greatness of the tool that the creators of Instagram had presented.

How to know what time my Instagram story was viewed?

Another option that these stories present is the chance to see those people who have seen our story during the day.

To be able to see what exact time of day they were present when they entered our photos and videos, we will have to pay attention to the published history and check constantly who has seen it. On the other hand, we can also see the total number of people who have passed by and the statistics of those views.

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