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How to know someone's Facebook from Tinder? Ah what a great little curiosity… In all honesty, there are many of us who, using this application to meet people and flirt, want -in one way or another- to know the precious Facebook of that person who has enchanted us or liked us on Tinder like this, keep an eye on her and try to reach out to her on Facebook. Well, at Practical we are here to pamper you and have prepared a special guide with a battery of options that you have so you being able to search or find a person's Facebook on Tinder that you've matched with but also, with that person who hasn't matched them, review and apply them according to the specific case.

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How to Know Someone's Facebook from Tinder | Explanations of this guide

First, it's worth noting that the following guide is meant to offer you a list of resources so you can learn about a person's Facebook on Tinder. However, you should keep the following points in mind so that you understand that there is a possibility that you may not be able to achieve this.

  • Not all people have Facebook and one of them could be the person they are interested in.
  • Some people have their Facebook account suspiciously private and it is impossible to search or find them on this social network.
  • It is possible that the identity on Facebook (name, photo and data) is very different from the one you have on Tinder and, unfortunately, there may be no link or way to reach your Facebook directly or indirectly.

Having clarified and understood the above, we proceed to action. In other words, and firstly, how to know a person's Facebook on Tinder that you matched with and then, with which you did not match that we imagine is more interesting and is less (who is interested, go straight to this part).

How to Know Someone's Facebook from Tinder | CASE #1: Person with whom a correspondence has been established

If you've matched that person on Tinder, things are a lot easier than you think, or in short, be able to know that person's Facebook on Tinder. Next, we leave you the steps or points that you must follow to accomplish this task.

How to access the Facebook page of someone you've matched with on Tinder

  • First of all, take care of spelling and writing on Tinder to make a good impression.
  • Don't fall into monosyllables, clichéd sentences or closed questions. Develop ideas, make a difference, have fun and stay curious with open-ended questions.
  • Once you clear the above, it's time to break the ice with the person who made a match and for that you need to start a Tinder conversation with a few winning lines of text. Here it is necessary to say hello, add some polite compliments and then ask an open question and invite to speak.

Example: Hi Valeria, even if I see it with my own eyes… I should ask you, please, how are you? Well,>He he! By the way, note in your photos that you go to the same.

  • Once the conversation has started, it is necessary to maintain it and for this the interest, fluidity and intensity must be maintained as well as the timing maintaining curiosity (asking or seeking the opinion of something), giving impressions of what that person says and all this, seasoned with a little humor and levity. In short, social skill.

To achieve this, there are two ways:

1. The first option is to get some valuable data from the conversation with the idea of ​​doing Facebook searches with that additional data, but it is also very likely that it is not required as some data appears in the conversation, where I study, university, work, etc

Example: Well, so you study medicine and in which university? I ask, as it is very likely that we have people in common.

With these data it is possible to carry out searches of the person by attaching the place of study as well as searches in groups and pages of the medical career of that university. Of course, the best data to find out is the person's real name (if a nickname appears) and last name.

Example 1: Well, it was a very interesting first conversation, don't you think Daniela A>

Example 2: You know, you have a curious resemblance to a friend I have… Simple curiosity, aren't you related to Daniela Ugalde?

Having this data (name and surname), they already know what they have to do.

2. The second option, which we consider much clearer and more straightforward to have that person's Facebook on Tinder, is to simply ask them. Now, and for this, it is necessary to have talked to that person, reaching a certain empathy and connection and with that, they almost have it… All that remains is to ask for it, but ask it well.

Example: Well, I don't know how to ask this kind of thing… But hey, a voice in my head tells me to ask for your Facebook… I would be very excited, is that possible?

How to Know Someone's Facebook from Tinder | CASE #2: Person with whom no correspondence has been established

Now, and on the other hand, it's quite a challenge to know the Facebook of a person with whom you haven't matched on Tinder, but the truth is that it's not that impossible and for this you will resort to the different data offered by that person's profile . Next, we leave this data that you can use independently and together to find that precious Facebook of that person.

Find a person's Facebook from Tinder by first and last name

The first useful information for this search is simply the name with which that person has been identified and in addition to this it is much better that it appears accompanied by the surname.

As you know, with the name you can start a search for people on Facebook and much better, if you have the surname but in addition to that, you must remember that person's face very well to be able to identify him among the different profiles that appear in the search and finally , useful information to narrow searches is to add your city since, as you may know, searches on Tinder are by radius of distance and it is very likely that that person lives in your city… So cross your fingers and search with those first data or including those below.

Note No. 1: You should know that some users on Tinder use a nickname or a surname and, therefore, may not be found by the first and last name they have entered in their profile.

Find a person's Facebook from TInder by their description

Now, one key piece of information that often goes unnoticed by some is the description. Well, in the description you can find different information that can give a signal so that you can search for it on Facebook.

For example, some Tinder users add their full name (first and last name) in the description, which would be a great luck and what's left after that, is basically to search for it on Facebook.

Many other Tinder users include the place where they study or work and here they will have to do some Facebook research including this data and look for groups or pages of those places they name and develop a rake operation.

Finally, a major portion of Tinder users add some social network they have so that people can contact them through that social media. For example, a considerable number of people add your Instagram user and through it they will be able to reach your Facebook.

Note No. 2: In the event that that person does not have his first and last name on Instagram, he will be able to review his photos and see who his friends are and look for them on Facebook and then, thanks to them, find the Facebook Profile of that person they have seen on Tinder (logically, if they are friends on Instagram they must be friends on Facebook).

Find a person's Facebook on TInder via their Instagram

If that person you like on Tinder has connected your Instagram, fortunately things are going in your favor… Well, here you will have to click on the button that says «Connect» that appears next to Instagram photos and accessing so, access that person's Instagram.

Once on their Instagram, they will be able to find out the data they need (name, surname, where they study, work, etc.) and then look for it on Facebook and if this data is not there or not enough… they have to go to the profiles of friends who you have on Instagram, surely they comment or are tagged in the photos, they will search for them on Facebook and through them they will reach that person's Facebook.

By the way, if you don't have an Instagram account yet, it already takes time… Here is a guide to create that Instagram account for these purposes.

Find a person's Facebook on TInder based on their photos

While photos can be somewhat vague information, they can provide other valuable information so that you can find that person from Tinder on Facebook added to their Tinder profile name and description.

For this virtual need, they have to review the photos very well to see some data that are not seen in the first instance and are really worth it. For example, interesting information that can be gathered from a photo is the gym or CrossFit where you train or, the place where you take dance or acting lessons, the bar where you work and so on, other interesting data… With them, you can reach the groups or pages of those places and with a little luck, find that person or, through the people who go to those places, surely they have some friendship and with it they can reach that person's Facebook.

Finally, some services (programs, Apps) have come out that are used to search for people through their photos, such as l’App Facezam which could reach that person's Facebook with a photo (we don't know if it really works). But basically here, they should save that user's photos (screenshots) and install the app and see if it works.

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