How to Know IF YOU ARE SPIED on WhatsApp in 3 STEPS

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Privacy it's a very rare commodity and you may not have stopped to think, but come on social networks, surfing the Internet and also from hardware like cameras and microphones… they are used to collect information from us. For this reason we must be cautious when we display ours extracted data , that is why one of the applications that cause us more suspicion in terms of safety è WhatsApp. And well, you may not know, but if someone has physical access to your cell phone, they can read your private conversations, so I recommend you to read this article for find out if they spy on you on WhatsApp in 3 steps.

How do I know if I'm being spied on WhatsApp 2022?

There are 2 ways to allow someone to access your private conversations:

  1. Who have installed a program to spy on your cell phone.
  2. That they use WhatsApp Web to see your conversations on PC.

Of the 2 possibilities, we will focus on the second one since it is the easier to use and Free, so it's more accessible and a lot more frequently.

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How to know if you are spying on WhatsApp and delete it 2022

find out if someone consults your WhatsApp without your permission, we have to go to our favorite messaging client. Once inside we will give you in the upper right corner where are the 3 vertical points.

  1. In the case of someone has access to our WhatsApp without our permission, we will see how above we have an icon of a desktop PC, this indicates that a session has been started on WhatsApp Web and that someone is monitoring our messages.
  2. Once pressed the 3 vertical dots at the top right, click on «WhatsApp Web».
We enter the WhatsApp Web option.

How to know if my partner is spying on me on WhatsApp

Il trick to know if someone is spying on you on WhatsApp is to see if you have open sessions on WhatsApp Web. It is on this screen that we will see the location, browser and even the operating system they are using for enter our conversations. To remove the session we must click on «Close all sessions».

WhatsApp web session.

Now a window will appear in which we will be asked if we want log out of all devices, then we will click «Close session».

Close the connection with WhatsApp Web.

And with this simple method you can know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is spying on you on WhatsApp. And you? Have you found signs of your partner spying on you on whatsapp? You can leave a comment sharing your experiences which would help other people. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, please, it would help me a lot… thanks!.

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