How to know if someone has deleted your Tinder account

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On the one hand, it generates a lot of strangeness that a person disappears on Tinder with whom you too have had a meeting, chatting animatedly and on the other it causes all kinds of worries and doubts about what happened to her and above all, if that person has powerfully called back our attention. For these reasons, we present the following article: How to know if someone has deleted your Tinder account where we will give -to those concerned- two solutions that can be applied simultaneously to get rid of the doubt with this concern or, to have more certainty of what happened with such a person (by the way, the second solution is the most effective).

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How to know if someone has deleted your Tinder account [SOLUTION #1]

A first solution to find out if someone has canceled their Tinder account or, unfortunately, canceled a match on Tinder, is simply to scroll through many user profiles on Tinder over time and which, in addition to this, have a limited age range to that person they are looking for.

To support this weird workaround, we have to mention that many users have reported that when they swipe profiles on Tinder, some show up again and also some they matched with, had a conversation but later the match got canceled for some reason .

This means that while there is no clarity on Tinder's algorithm, it appears that profiles can reappear on Tinder and if many profiles of that person's age slip over a considerable amount of time and do not appear, it is likely (in high percentage) that person deleted that account from Tinder.

Note No. 1: surely this solution is not the most suitable or effective to do, but it is better than zero. It's effective, when you live in an area without many users on Tinder to swipe through their profiles but on top of that, that person lives there and somehow the algorithm does its thing and doesn't read show that again profile, among other things.

How to know if someone has deleted your Tinder account [SOLUTION #2]

The second solution, and qualitatively better than the previous one, basically consists of: being able to create another Tinder account and in this one undertake the respective search for that person by scrolling through user profiles that have an age limited to that of that person of interest and for that more over a considerable period of time.

Indeed, they can create a new account on Tinder and they can do it from the PC and since it is a new profile, all existing profiles in the age and range that configure their search should be seen and if in a reasonable period of time, not that person appearing on Tinder will be able, by a higher margin of chance, to determine that that person has indeed canceled their Tinder account and not blocked it as they might fear.

Thus, this solution could be much more practical and useful than the first solution which is based on a report that profiles appear to reappear on Tinder. However, applying both may have greater certainty of what happened to that person.

Finally, it should be noted that when they correspond with someone and talk, they can establish a good interaction and not delay things (ask for WhatsApp, meet up, etc.) so that this way they do not delete them over time on Tinder and generate these doubts .

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