How to know if someone has added or blocked me on Telegram – Very easy

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The origin of Telegram

Instant messenger applications or programs have always been important as technology advances. There are many applications that have existed, however they have started to be very popular with programs like MSN or Skype.

Today, computers are still very important artifacts. However, the need to establish communication it required other things. This is where smartphones and their applications began to emerge.

BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp were the most used messaging applications. But there is an application that, despite not having a lot of marketing, has gained a lot of users in recent years.

Telegram is an application developed by the Russian brothers Dúrov. Nikolai and Pavel were former workers of the VK platform (which is also recognized as Russian Facebook). Telegram was launched in 2013 and is available in more than 14 languages.

Interesting features

This application is available for virtually any device or computer. You can log in from Windows, MacOS, or Linux, as well as from your Android or iOS device.

If you don't have the application downloaded and installed on your computer, you will always have the option to use the web version.

The features, many users point out, are extraordinary and always have been several steps forward compared to other applications. This is the case, for example, of the dark mode. Telegram announced the application of this theme in 2017, while its main opponent, WhatsApp, announced it in 2020.

Creating an account in Telegram is extremely simple with the typical and traditional configuration via your phone number. However, did you know that you can use and have a Telegram account even without a phone number? This was undoubtedly an aspect that grabbed the attention of its users enormously.

Not only this makes it easier to access the app, but it's also a valuable privacy feature. Other users don't need to know your phone number.

And for others who write to you, they can find your contact via a username. Among the other functions that Telegram has, there are:

  • The use of bots. Mainly what are games, requests and receiving news for.
  • Using Telegram as a music and video player (also possible through a bot ... fantastic!)
  • The ability to conduct questionnaires or surveys through groups created in Telegram.
  • Take advantage of the Telegram cloud to store files of any type and up to 2 GB in size.

How to know if I have been added or blocked on Telegram?

When switching applications, many doubts arise about the functioning of Telegram. However, there isn't much to say. In a sense, Telegram it works almost the same way as WhatsApp.

How to know if someone has added or blocked you on Telegram? Simple, you should pay attention to a number of signs:

  • If you have been added, you will surely be able to view both the profile photo and the contact's phone number.
  • Considering that, if they blocked you, none of this information will be able to display it.
  • When blocked by contact, almost immediately, the last connection will appear as "A long time ago". If you've had recent contact with that contact and that message appears, you've probably been blocked.

Have you confirmed that you have been added or blocked by Telegram?

Does not exist a reliable way to 100% to find out if someone has added or blocked you on Telegram. This is because the application has great qualities in terms of configuration and privacy. However, these tips can give you important clues to confirm this.

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