How to know if a Samsung charger is original, replica, fake or copy - Tricks to know how to differentiate

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What should we observe when we want to buy a new charger?

Samsung logo name

First you have to make sure you buy a charger of the same brand as your device, which in this case is Samsung, commonly the manufacturers in charge of these accessories, place the name or logo in a prominent way. If it is not detailed well, chances are you will find a replica.

Detailed information

All chargers have detailed information including how many mAh it has, commonly it is on opposite side or next to the name or logo, here it is very important to check what this accessory will give us.

This information gives us a necessary contribution on the loading speed, the manufacturer and the place where it was manufactured, all printed in a very visible way and it is important to note that this information They are normally on the sides of our chargers, never from the same side that connects to the socket.

logo 'UL'

This logo must be in the same place where all the information is, specifically it should be the bottom of the left side, has the letters UL in uppercase and surrounded by a circle. These two letters, which have their meaning in "Underwriters Laboratories", are an organization that guarantees the safety of these products.

Weight of the charger

This is other information which should be detailed in printed form on the charger you wish to purchase. According to Samsung manufacturers, an average original charger it weighs about 46 grams, while the replicas, in addition to having no such information printed, do not weigh it, but their weight fluctuates in less than 43 grams.

Product quality

It is necessary to evaluate the condition in which the product is found, normally Samsung chargers have all their edges without any kind of imperfection, completely aesthetic letters, the input and output of the USB cable in perfect condition.

You can ask for try to charge your mobile and then evaluate the charging speed  and the overheating it might have. If it takes too long and overheats abnormally, it will most likely find you in the presence of a fake charger.

How to buy an original Samsung charger?

If you are one of the people who prefer to try to avoid all these steps, or you are not sure if you understand all of the above, it is better apply directly to an authorized dealer in your country for the sale of this type of Samsung accessories, which are found In most of the world, of course, when buying the accessory, it is worth reviewing the points mentioned above.

Another way to buy these original accessories it's going straight to the retailer's website, where it's very easy to go to Google and type "Samsung" to get straight to their website.

Once on the page, direct your cursor over the tab «mobile» and then press or click "Accessories", from this point on, you just have to locate the charger of your choice and it doesn't take more than a click to " Add to Cart " make the purchase of the product.

Is it okay if I use a replica charger?

Using mirrors to charge the battery of your devices can cause irreparable damage. As these need more or less current, and as a result your mobile phone would last much longer connected to electricity, resulting in device overheating, of the charger and the battery, the latter being one of those that undergo more abrupt changes such as swelling and finally the complete state of inactivity of the same.

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