How to know how to identify the type of letter or font of an image easily

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The world of graphics it is full of attention to detail, care and good taste that people can have when they carry out a project. This leads to the improvement of every step that is done in a graphic design work, in order to catch the eyes of all who look at what has been worked on.

Because, whether it's for advertising or artistic reasons, you always have to think about how you can turn your head towards a specific job, otherwise the job could end up being a bit lacking.

With the latter in mind, we can realize the importance of graphic design in several current areas, particularly in the advertising at different levels. Although advertising relies on different campaigns and strategies to make a project work, it makes a lot of use of graphic design to capture and keep people's eyes.

But for that, once again, we need to put a lot of emphasis on the detail part, and this also has to do with the use of the different characters that can be seen in an advertisement or advertisement.

For many graphic designers, typography is everything and there are different types of characters which can be a little unpleasant or just plain inappropriate in certain situations. And when this happens, the graph has to act appropriately.

You have to look for the correct fonts so that you can find perfection. However, what happens when the designer sees a font they like for a project, but it's in an image? When this happens, there may be some problems, but not if you follow the following tutorial which will explain to you how to get the typography of an image.

The importance of good typography

When you create an advertisement, billboard or any Internet advertisement, you can see many small details working together to form an image. You can have a background, some objects and some text; And if any of these are incorrect, the ad might look a little out of place.

The same can be applied with creating web pages, since we can't have everything elegantly designed to end up putting a Comic Sans in the text, because we're going to make it look extremely unprofessional and end up turning visitors away.

For the latter, it turns out that the choice of characters it is so important, that it causes many people to do different studies on it or at least ask the right people for advice. Which leads us to highly value expert charts, as they can completely change ours perception an advertisement or a website with a letter.

Identification of characters in an image

There are several tools to be able to identify the typography in all kinds of text, whether we see it written in a PDF or on a web page. But these tools generally only work if we select text or shade it so it can be detected, so if we see an image with text that interests us, we may end up having difficulty.

That said, we recommend that you use a very useful website called Font Matcher, a portal that deals with identify characters in images.

All you have to do is enter the site and load the image you want to identify. So you just have to adjust the box of identification in the text and the page will give you all possible matches. Easy, right?

From now on you will have a user-friendly page through which you can get new fonts for your projects or clients, and be able to have an edge over the competition when it comes to displaying your portfolios with beautiful fonts. .

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