How to know how many times your WhatsApp messages are forwarded

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Have you ever wondered how to know how many times your WhatsApp messages are forwarded? It may seem silly but in the field of Online Marketing I assure you it is not, because this way you will be able to know the reach that a publication has had and in this way know if it has been viralized. In today's The Power Of The Green Android tutorial we will learn how to know if they forward a WhatsApp and the number of times it has been sent easily and quickly.

Why is it important to know how often a WhatsApp message is forwarded?

Well, for the simple reason that this way we will know the impact and scope of said publication through our favorite messaging client. This way, we are still interested in using the relevant photo or message in a Facebook Ads campaign or similar and making a profit.

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How to know the number of times a WhatsApp message is forwarded in 2022?

know the number of times they send my messages via WhatsApp, the first thing we have to do is press and hold a forwarded message, for example a photo.

If we have done it right above, a menu will appear, among all the one that interests us is what an information icon appears "I". This card will provide us more information about the message.

How to know if a WhatsApp message has been viralized

Here we will see the following information about the message.

  1. If it has been read.
  2. If it was delivered.
  3. E know how many times a WhatsApp message is forwarded.

As you can see, this message was forwarded only 1 time.

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