How to know and identify if my Facebook has a virus and how to eliminate it

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If you ask yourself how to know and identify if Facebook has a virus and how to eliminate it, please read the following information carefully.

Identify if your Facebook has a virus or has been hacked

  • One of the easiest ways to check if your Facebook account has a virus or has been the victim of a hack is analyze posts. If you see a post you've never posted, your account may be in use by someone else or a virus.
  • Viruses or hackers often try to send information to your contacts. Therefore, ask a trusted contact through another means if you have received a suspicious message from your account.
  • If you are unable to access your account or the password has been changed, most likely some virus or person has accessed the information without your permission. This is a clear sign that you have been the victim of a virus or a hacker.

Install antivirus software

Undoubtedly, a good way to protect yourself from viruses, regardless of whether you are on your mobile or computer, is use an antivirus. That said, we have free antivirus for PC and there are also free antivirus for Android. It is recommended that you install these security software on all your devices, as they can undoubtedly help you avoid annoying viruses coming from Facebook or other applications.

Use the Facebook hack option

You may not know this, but Facebook has an option designed just for fight viruses or hacks. To access it, simply click on Facebook Hacked. When you enter this area, click on "My account is compromised".

Facebook will ask you for personal information. Usually a phone number or an e-mail is requested. Provide this information and continue with the process, managing all required data.

Undoubtedly, this option is the most recommended if you believe your account has been attacked by a virus or hacker.

Change your password

If you think you have been hit by a virus or a hacker, we strongly recommend that you change your password. Most likely, a person is using your account. Therefore, at the slightest indication, ask for the change password to facebook.

If you have any doubts about it, the best way to make the change is to go to the Facebook home page and click on the option "Forgot password". Just provide the data requested by the platform and make the change.

In any case, it is best to make this change from a computer or cell phone other than the one you constantly use. We report the latter, because if you suspect that there is a virus on your computer, your Facebook account may be affected again.

Use two-step authentication

Two-factor authentication is a relatively modern feature included in most social networks. Using this feature, every time you log into a new device, you will be prompted for a special code and sent to your email / phone or other device.

Enabling Facebook XNUMX-Step Verification is undoubtedly a good way to protect yourself from viruses and hackers, so after an attack or before (i.e. to avoid it) it is recommended to apply this feature.

One last tip

If you recover your account from a virus or a hacker, there is something you need to consider. Perhaps the problem arose from being entered dangerous sites or from using less reliable applications.

In other words, pay close attention to your interactions, because although antivirus software and other tools exist, most viruses do it can be avoided with some discretion. For example, deleting games or applications linked to your Facebook account, especially when they seem untrustworthy, is usually a good idea.

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