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Netflix is the platform of most used multimedia content in the last 2 years. Thanks to this service we can watch series and film online for one price superior to content. You may have one Smart TV and want to use this service but you don't know how to do it. Don't worry because we'll see how to install Netflix on SAMSUNG Smart TV. It should be noted that this tutorial can be extrapolated to other smart TV device models, you must only follow the same steps.

Netflix does not appear on my Smart TV

You wonder why I can't watch Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV?, simply because it would not come with Netflix by default. But don't worry, you can scaricare Netflix su Samsung Smart TV very easily I'll explain how to do it. In any case It is possible that your Smart TV IS NOT compatible with Netflix anymore, by I'll leave you later the solution.

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How to install Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV?

install Netflix on my Smart TV  Samsung i just have to follow the following steps.

Sign in to Samsung apps

You need to enter Samsung Apps (the official Samsung application store) and scaricare Netflix su Smart TV. You must have a account Samsung (it's free).

Access Samsung apps to download Netflix for Smart TV.

Scarica Netflix Smart TV Samsung

We will have to search for the Netflix application in «Cerca Samsung Apps» or we look for it in the section "All" (it should appear among the first), we insert it once identified.

Netflix is ​​installed on Smart TV.

Netflix is ​​installed on Samsung Smart TVs

Now there is nothing left install or update Netflix on Samsung Smart TV.

Netflix is ​​installed on Smart TV.

It should be noted that this tutorial works on others Smart TV models like LG, the only thing that varies is that we have to enter the LG market.

Netflix does not appear on my Samsung Smart TV How do I fix it?

As I see from the comments… Samsung has done its homework again and has removed Netflix from its Samsung Apps store on older Smart TVs. That is why you ask yourself the following question…

Why doesn't Netflix show up on my Samsung Smart TV?

Easy, Samsung deletes these apps to force you to buy new smart TVs with the excuse that your old TVs don't support Netflix or similar. This is nothing new… it already happened on June 30, 2017 when it has vetoed YouTube from its Samsung Smart TVs  stating that it was not compatible with HTML5 technology. It didn't just stop there since on August 31, it also eliminated Spotify from old Samsung Smart TVs…now it seems to be touching some users with Netflix. I'll give you one later solution to watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV without having to buy a new TV.

Buy an Android TV BOX

If you want to avoid all these problems, that's better buy an Android TV, here is a list of the best Android TV Boxes. Of all the list, I specifically use the X96 model, it's cheap and works quite well.

Se Netflix does not appear on my Smart TV you can leave me a comment below and we will see it together. Don't forget to share this tutorial if it was helpful, it helps me a lot, thanks a lot!

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