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Don't know how to insert a GIF in Facebook chat? Look no further, because here in How-To Resources is the solution for post the most beautiful GIF images in Facebook chat or even called Facebook Messenger and in this way you can » enhance » all those conversations that you have in this and make them much more fun and humorous than they can be… Well, in this tutorial article you will learn in a few steps how to post gifs in facebook messenger conversations and with that you will be able to use this resource that will definitely help you love it just follow the steps.

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How to insert a GIF in Facebook Messenger chat | Step 1

Logically, the first thing they should do is log in or enter the account they have on Facebook and after doing so, they will go to the option «Messenger» by clicking on it.

The page of is now opened Facebook Messenger and they will only have to select the person they want to communicate with in one click and presumably send them a GIF.

How to insert a GIF in Facebook Messenger chat | Step 2

Well, once you open the Facebook chat window with the person you want to talk to, you can see on the right, in the box where the text is entered, some icons in a very soft shade of gray (if they are, on a desktop computer ) well, there is one that says precisely «GIF «, they will simply click on it.

How to insert a GIF in Facebook Messenger chat | Step 3

With the previous action, a window will appear with a box for entering text and below, the latest trends (the one that is used or the most popular).

So here you have 2 possibilities. One of them is to review what is in «Trends» hover over them and scroll down (if they are, on a desktop computer) and see if any of them are suitable for sharing or, they will be able to do a specific search for GIFs and then find something based on what they they want to share. Well, for the purpose of this tutorial, we have chosen to search for GIFs and for this we have written the text «sadness» and then clicked on » Enter «.» so that the search takes place with that ending on external servers such as Ghipy or Tenor that Facebook uses for this and the results are displayed in this way (you can see them by moving the scroll down) and finally, when you want to share one, click on it. It should be noted that they can use any word in Italian or even in another language that they will surely find a wide variety of GIFs to use.

Here you are!! By clicking on the GIF, it will appear almost immediately published in the conversation box and can be seen by the interlocutor in Facebook Messenger.

Finally, this is the whole procedure that you need to go through for insert a GIF in the Facebook chat… At the moment, it is the only way to do this by using external servers that have a large amount of GIFs and if you have any animated GIF images in your PC or mobile, you will not be able to share them in Facebook Messenger conversation, they will only have the option to upload them to your dashboard, which can be done by following the steps explained in the link at the beginning.

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