How to hide or hide Tinder from my Android or iPhone mobile so that no one sees it

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Privacy has become an important issue when it comes to the use of smartphones, as they host a number of collections of personal data, and even more when they have large storage capacities. However, the latter is not a problem, as there is some type of cloud storage.

Tech giants like iPhone and Android have had one endless struggle for more than a decade, their wide range of devices offers countless advantages, which sometimes rank above the rest.

However, everyone chooses the device that best suits their needs, most users are inclined to a smartphone, and it is that it has everything, it is like a pocket computer. When it comes to privacy, it seems that IOS offers a broader advantage, since has a safer path than what Android had.

The above does not mean that one is better than the other, since each has its advantages and its peculiarities. Although it sounds strange, smartphones, regardless of their operating system, have something in common, which is definitely trending, and that is that through them it is possible to connect using apps.

How can we hide or hide Tinder on my Android or iPhone mobile so that no one can see it?

The Tinder application is a service that allows you to meet people all over the world, the specialty of the App in question is to grant the user the possibility to have a love story or find a partner, since it establishes a "match" between the people involved, that is, it refers to people through the similarities in the their profiles.

Many have wondered how to download applications on Android with Google Play, or how to do it on IOS via the Appstore, is a very simple process, and through them you can use the Tinder Service.

Similarly, the great relationship between privacy and applications used, such as Tinder, can be said. For several reasons, many users want to know how to hide applications, such as Tinder on Android, to do so, you just have to go to the application menu, press the 3 vertical dots that appear there, select the option to hide applications, then select Tinder and that's it. 

On the other hand, if what you want is hide Tinder on your Apple phone, you have to complete some very simple steps, go to the Appstore store, press your profile (where your photo is), then select the Purchased option, locate the App from Tinder and slide your finger on it (on the left ), press hide and that's it, keep in mind that it only works on IOS 10 or later.

Is it safe to use Tinder on my smartphone?

THE access to the network as a means of communication has been questioned in many ways, especially in the security offered by the internet to its users, this does not mean that it is completely wrong, because many have bailed them out, no one could even, if you want, imagine living without the internet.

The same question arises around the Tinder application (to find a partner), as for many it is a little insecure, for others it is a genius, the truth is that it is an instrument of love, which guarantees you a search for your possible best match, near or far from your geographic location.

That said, you can draw your own conclusions, even knowing all the aspects that arise around the App in question, so you shouldn't hesitate to use this service, since the its advantages outweigh its weaknesses.

Tinder oddities

Tinder has a very interactive interface, with which you can consult profiles similar to yours, talk to other people from anywhere of the world (via their direct messages), moreover, you can share photos, you can also select the most like them.

You also have the option of coordinating a close encounter with the person you like best, among all the profiles that match yours. However, you have to be very careful with whom you interact, since there have been countless negative reports regarding the App, but don't despair, are you just be careful.

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