How to HIDE CONNECTION on Instagram Android

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Privacy it is a very precious asset that seems to be scarcely present in the social networks, in the green Android we have already seen how to download our Instagram profile and we also talked about how to know if Facebook has shared our data. Today instead we are going to talk about one of the functions added to one of the social networks that is fashionable lately, we will show you how to hide connection on instagram.

Hide activity status on Instagram

Why should we want to hide our activity status?Well, precisely for this reason… Per avoid being seen connected to Instagram. This is very useful because if you are very active in said social network you will be able to enter without being seen, which gives rise to user privacy.

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How to hide connection on Instagram 2022

avoid seeing you connected on Instagram, the first thing you should do of course is… Join that social network.

Once inside ours Stories we have to look down and to the right, we have to press the icon to enter our profile.

Now in our profile we observe at the top right that there are 3 vertical dots, we'll do click on them and we will enter a large menu.

Instagram settings

There is less to know how to hide connection on instagram, for this you have to pull down this menu until you come across the «Privacy and security» section.

Hide activity status

Now just a little further down we find a section that says «Activity Status», let's enter.

We will see an activated tab that says:

«Allows accounts you follow and people you've messaged to see the last time you were active in Instagram applications. If you disable this option, you will not be able to see the activity status of other accounts «.

We just have to stay turn it off and that's enough.

Well, you already know how to turn off the last connection on instagram on android. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, thank you for your time and I hope you share this article with your social networks, see you soon.

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