How to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

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There are many people who separate their personal life from their work life and this not only includes the problems that arise in a person's life but there are also those who use two SIMs; one for your personal life and one for work. However, they often have problems with WhatsApp, as you can only have this application with a phone number. Read this post and find out how to have two whatsapp accounts on the same mobile phone.

Previously you could not have two WhatsApp messaging accounts; however, you can now have two different accounts on the same device, using some features of dual-SIM devices, or using Android and iOS apps that let you use multiple accounts.

With this post you can follow step by step and how to correctly configure your mobile with two SIMs. Likewise, we will tell you which applications are most suitable for managing different accounts without having any kind of problem; this way you can separate your work contacts from your personal numbers. The best thing about all of this is that you save money, since you won't have to buy another phone to separate your WhatsApp accounts.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

There are various methods and tools currently used to have two WhatsApp accounts on one mobile phone; just as there are others that for reasons of security and confidentiality are not recommended during use. However, here we will talk about all of them. These apps allow you to have multiple accounts on the same device. Of course, everyone is free to do as they see fit, at their own risk.

Your phone's Android

In Android phones you can count on two alternatives, the first and the most recommended for its safe mode, is to use a mobile phone with two SIMs; These phones have a feature that allows dual messaging or application duplication. However, this is not a standard feature for all hardware, because each vendor decides whether or not to host it. So first make sure that this technology is available on a device with this Dual SIM operating system.

According to the company this has very different names; At Samsung, for example, it's known as Dual Messaging, at OnePlus it's called Parallel Apps; while on Huawei devices it is known as App Twin, on Xiaomi phones it is called Clone Apps.

After this brief explanation, we will explain in detail how you can use two WhatsApp accounts on your dual SIM device. We will use a Samsung device that has this feature for the explanation. However, if your mobile phone model is different, follow the same steps and read your phone settings carefully.

1- Go to Settings or Settings on your phone.

2- Click Advanced Settings.

3- You should find the option « Dual Messaging» reviewing your phone options and clicking on it.

4- Upon entering, you will see several applications compatible with this function reflected on the screen. Since we are only interested in the WhatsApp application, we will focus on it. Therefore just activate this social network.

5- After clicking on it, you need to confirm its activation.

6- You will now have to check the new installation of WhatsApp on your mobile device to be able to use a different phone number.

7- WhatsApp will create a copy that will work independently, a new icon will appear on your phone's home screen, but it will be different from the original so don't worry you'll be able to notice the difference. In the new copy of WhatsApp, you will use a different phone number than the one you already have and you will be able to manage each application independently.

However, not all smartphones initially have this feature. Therefore; The safest thing is that you have to use an external software, thus getting two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. Next we will tell you the process with one of them, «Parallel space», although they are all very similar, you can feel free to choose the one you like best (later you will see some of the options you can use).

1- Sign in to Google Play.

2- Write « Parallel space» in the search bar (if you have decided to use another duplicator App you can write its name).

3- Enter the official Parallel Space software

4- Then you have to click on « Install«.

5- In case a notification appears to view your account, click on « Continue«.

6- If this notification appears, what will come next is that it will tell you to choose a payment method. Better to click «Skip» which is at the bottom and left.

7- At the end of this procedure, the application will proceed to download and then install itself.

8- When you install it for the first time, it will ask you to grant it access rights to your content; this is necessary to be able to duplicate it. Then click on » Allow «.

9- Next you need to click on «Start»

10- Next, all the applications you have installed on your phone will appear and you will notice that they can be cloned in parallel space and that for this you just have to click on the name. You have to choose the one that interests you, if there are several, click on the "blue check" in the Apps of your interest.

11- Click on the button « Add to parallel space» that appears below.

12- You will again be asked for the permissions you need to grant by clicking on » OK «.

13- You will be able to see an application icon, next to it you will see a button which is used to repeat the process and add another application.

14- Unlike the previous method; In this case, the second WhatsApp account will not appear on your mobile desktop screen; i.e. it was not cloned. This application does not create a copy, but opens a parallel space with its own identifier, which you need to enter when you want to use your second account.

15- When you run it for the first time, it will ask you to enable permissions again. Then you should click on « Allow«.

16- Several aspects will appear that you need to allow, including: contacts, call control, calendar, image and video capture.

17 You can now create a new account. You must do this by entering the « Parallel space» where you can use this cloned messaging service.

As you may have noticed, getting it is really easy and in this way we have already answered the question of how to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile. Equally simple are the other options, with steps that you can follow intuitively, following the entire installation process and cloning method.

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Replace iPhone phones

iPhone devices have recently entered the market with two SIM cards with the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. They include a technology called eSIM, which is essentially a virtual SIM provided by mobile operators.

While this technology is currently very limited and is being applied by about 12 companies, it is not yet widely available. So it is expected that in a few years it can settle down peacefully in the world.

But in reality, there is no official and/or effective way to do this on iPhone. Although there are software like Jailbreak, a method that is not recommended to be used due to its poor security; or WhatsApp++, which although we are explaining it, is something unofficial, which means you have to do it at your discretion. Below you will know how to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone mobile.

1- The first thing you should do is download TutuApp (you can also choose others like App Valley).

2- To do this go to their website

3- You will arrive directly at the site of your PC. Next you will have options to use QR code for Android and iOS phones. The last option is the one that interests us.

4- Proceed to scan the code with your phone to continue with the download.

6- As it is not an official App and does not come from the App Store; you need to set up your phone to recognize it as secure.

7- Go to » Settings » on your iPhone.

8- Now go to «General».

9- In the "Device Manager" section, click on " Guangzhou Yingnuo information«. The next thing you need to do is accept the permissions by clicking on «OK».

10- At the end of this process you will go to installation; To do this, you just have to follow the steps they have given you and accept each of the corresponding permissions and recommendations.

11- Now you just need to install WhatsApp++. After that we will provide you the download link of the application.

Apps to mirror apps on Android and iOS

There are many apps available that allow WhatsApp mirroring, which allows users to use multiple accounts on a single device. Though some are not recommended because privacy is questionable; we will talk about it here, however if you make the decision to have it on your device, you must accept the possible risks that its use may involve.

Even so, we will give you a detailed explanation of which ones are the most used by people who need this feature on their mobile phones. In case you cannot use the dual messaging technology offered by some devices, you will have several options at your disposal.

1- WhatsApp++ application

This app is only available for iOS; allowing users to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile device without any problem. The only thing you need to do is download it and for that you need to search for WhatsApp Plus++.

It is easy to set up, just like the original application, the only difference is that upon confirmation you need to enter the phone number of the second SIM. This means that you will be able to use two accounts from the same device.

However, there are many risks associated with its installation, as well as other alternatives in iOS systems, due to its complexity and other changes that must be made in order to use two WhatsApp accounts, as others have this incredible feature. This option is not recommended at all for Apple operating systems.

2- Application in parallel space

This application is only available for Android phones and allows the user to duplicate different networks downloaded from play store. You just need to download the app, install and run it. Once this is done, the application will allow you to easily copy WhatsApp, creating a second account as a copy of the original to which you can configure with the phone number you want.

3- GBWhatsApp application

This application is only available in APK format which means it is not available in the official Play Store directory. To get it, click on GBWhatsApp so you can download it to your mobile device.

Don't forget to turn on the Unknown Sources feature on your Android device so that you can install this unofficial tool from Play Store.

4- The Disa application

Unlike other Apps, this is an application that does not feature cloning of installed applications. Its main function is to be a social network manager that, once installed on your phone, will group several applications in one place.

However, you can use it to log into WhatsApp with a different account than the one you originally have, which means that another account will be activated and in turn you can have the main account active. This way, you get the same effect as having two accounts on the same mobile device.

5- Parallel U application

In addition to Parallel Space, this application works in exactly the same way since it allows you to clone the applications you have on your mobile phone, you can search for them in the Play Store and download them if you want to use them. Sometimes it is very useful to have different phone lines and use them on the same device for greater convenience. This way you avoid having to carry two mobile phones with you.

Connecting your social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook and others to the same device and using it at the same time makes it much easier to communicate with people. So there are various tools with this feature, nowadays companies are also officially including them more and more in mobile phones to provide this feature.

6- App Valley

It complies with the Jailbreak function in Apple, however it is a new product and taking into account the differences that led to the failure of the previous one, for now it is a little more secure. However, it's important to note that it's not software that the App Store deems appropriate.

It is rather a shop compatible with the latest versions of iOS; and that its function is to modify all types of social networks. From it you can access WhatsApp++, including the "pirated" version of Instagram, Spotify and many others.

7- Cloning apps

It is very new to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone, and it has been banned by Google Play at the moment, the reasons are not very good. Maybe he'll be back soon (or become a close relative). And as its name indicates, its function is to copy from any type of application installed on your mobile phone.

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