How to have two Instagram accounts on your mobile

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The official application of Instagram allows us to have two accounts simultaneously on our mobile, in the event that we have our personal account and our business account or another type of account, we can have them on our mobile without needing other applications, Next we will show you how you can do it.

Since February 2016, Instagram has been allowing us to add multiple accounts from the same application, so we won't have to depend on third-party applications to have multiple accounts.

Instagram is a social network where we can add all kinds of audiovisual content, we can add videos, images and even do live broadcasts, we can also create short videos called Stories, here we tell you the essential tricks for Instagram stories.

Several Instagram accounts in the same app

The official Instagram app allows you to have several accounts, in addition to this we can switch between them quickly and easily, you will have to follow the steps to add several accounts on Instagram:

  1. Log into the Instagram app.
  2. Now click on your profile picture icon bottom right.

  1. Tap the profile name and an option for will appear add an account.

  1. click on «Add account».

  1. In the next step you will have to choose if create a new account or add the account you have already created.

  1. In case you want to create a new account, you will only have to add your username and password to start using the account on your mobile.
  2. To quickly switch between accounts, we'll just have to press and hold our profile icon and a list will appear in which we will have all the accounts that we have added.

As we told you above, having two or more Instagram accounts on your mobile is very simple and fast, so now you won't have to use third-party applications to do this task.

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