How to have Halloween stickers on WhatsApp

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Halloween is coming and maybe you would like have stickers on this theme in your whatsapp to send to your contacts, you can easily get them even if in the gallery of stickers that WhatsApp offers by default there are none related to this event.

There aren't many times that WhatsApp presents new stickers and for special events like this you have to resort to packs, as is also the case with Christmas, where it becomes necessary to go for downloadable Christmas sticker packs because the app doesn't offer any.

In gallery of WhatsApp stickers we don't see any of them with a Halloween theme, so you have to download the packs from the application stores as we will indicate below, whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, the steps are very simple.

There are currently two sticker packs that we recommend, for your Android phone there is one called Stickers for WA - Halloween and for iPhone there is a package called Halloween Stickers, although the disadvantage is that it is paid and costs €0,99.

To have them on your mobile, the first thing you have to do is download them:

  1. Download Stickers for WA – Halloween for Android
  1. Download Halloween stickers for iOS

Once downloaded to your mobile, you would just have to open the application of the stickers you have installed and add them to WhatsApp with an option that appears in the option that says «add to WhatsApp» or similar, then you could find them in the stickers section of WhatsApp.

From there you can now send the Halloween sticker you like best to your contacts, remember that these will already be archived in the WhatsApp gallery so you can use them next year or whenever you want, as there is no limitation whatsoever.

Right now this is the only way to have halloween stickers for whatsapp since, although the WhatsApp sticker gallery has more and more packs, around Halloween it does not have any and the options that can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store are the right way to have stickers of this theme.

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