How to get the 4D effect on your mobile screen

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The apps we'll talk about have a wide variety of options. From  movie wallpapers, superheroes, comics, abstract, animals, sports, celebrities, etc. You can find as many wallpapers for your mobile as you want, preview them and if you like to use them on your screen.

The only problem is that both apps aren't completely free. So you have to take this into account before you start using them. However, their quality is remarkable for what every penny is paid to be able to enjoy spectacular shows 4D effects on the screen of your mobile device.

We will examine these applications with their positive and negative aspects. We recommend that you download and test them so you can decide which one suits your needs.

Get the 4D effect on the mobile screen

To achieve this we will use two applications. The first one we propose is " GRUBL »Which is available in the Play Store.

The application works like any wallpaper app. The cool thing is that you can search for wallpapers based on colors. At the top of the app you can choose different colors and GRUBL will show you all available 4D wallpapers that have that shade of color.

In turn, it has several classic categories so that you can search for funds according to your taste. The amount that the app has available is considerably large, so you have a large number of options for obtaining funds.

To get a better effect on your funds, we recommend that you play with the application configuration options. We cannot specify a configuration since in this case the personal tastes of each one play an important role.

You can vary all the configuration options as often as you like for get a 4D background that you really like and that meets your expectations.

The only bad thing about the application is that it has a large number of free wallpapers. Some are paid, as soon as you download the app you have 10 coins to buy paid funds. Once the coins have been spent in order to have more we have to go through the box.

How to get 4D screen on Android

The next application we recommend is called Pixel 4D and the amount of funds it can offer is truly incredible. The wallpaper gallery is considerably large, so you have endless options to choose from.

The only bad thing is that similar to GRUBL you have to pay for the wallpapers offered in that application. However, it is quite inexpensive, they cost less than a dollar each, and their quality is remarkably high.

It has a large number of categories so that you can find the wallpaper that you really like. An alternative that the Pixel 4D has is that you can pay a slightly higher sum that doesn't reach five dollars for have access to all 4D wallpapers available in the application.

In case you like these types of funds too much, it is not too high a price to pay for having such an amount of backgrounds and such good quality.

We hope this tutorial helped you to get the 4d effect on your mobile phone screen, which has Android systems; easily.

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