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We live in a society where the information overload it is evident, every day we are bombarded with ads, excessive messaging, spam etc… everything is done for grab our attention so it is possible that sometimes due of sensory saturation we ignore all these messages. This can also be extrapolated to WhatsApp and is that on more than one occasion, especially in groups, we have mentioned someone on WhatsApp but either they have not seen it or it has not been mentioned. Therefore, today we will teach you how to get someone's attention on whatsapp, to record that the message reached that personSince you won't have just one Wake-up calls, you will also have one notification on our message.

How to Get Someone's Attention on WhatsApp 2022

Call attention to WhatsApp is very simple if you know how to do it, for this we will just have to go into personal privacy to which we want wake up, although this technique is more recommended for attract attention in a WhatsApp group. However, it's the same method for both cases.

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How to get attention in a WhatsApp group 2022

We will carry out the test in a WhatsApp group, for this we will go to the group in which the person to whom is we want the message to reach without ignoring us. Once inside click on the chat section.

Now we have to put the «@» for this you have to hold down the key "to" for a few moments if you have the best keyboard for android we are talking about Swiftkey. However, you can always refer to this article on how to insert special characters in Android.

How to tag someone on WhatsApp fast and easy 2022

When we insert the «@» in the chat we will see a list with all group contacts, now we just have to indicate the person for draw attention to whatsapp.

After @ and his name,  we write any kind of phrase to get attention on whatsapp e we press send.

Well… you know how to get noticed in a whatsapp group.

If you have questions about this post, you can always ask me in the comments. Don't forget to comment and share, hope to see you again in the Power Of The Green Android.

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