How to get electricity from a USB port easily and quickly

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Did you know that you can get electricity from a USB port? Being able to draw electricity from a USB source is very useful, so rest assured that in this article we will show you how to do it in easy way. Of course, this isn't as common use as connecting a USB memory to a cell phone to transfer files.

How does a USB connection work?

There are 3 USB specifications, 2.0 it is the most common variant that exists in practically all computers, so we will refer to it, since both 1.0 and 3.0 are different, but you can learn how to increase the transfer speed from a USB if it is slow

These USB connectors have 4 connectors, in case you use a microUSB then they have 5 but the explanation is the same. USB cables have 4 wires or small cables inside.

These cables consist of: Pin 1: Tensione 5V (Red wire) better known as positive current. Pin 2: Dati – (wire verde) Pin 3: Dati + (gray or white wire) e Pin 4: Ground, also called ground or negative current (black wire)

Thanks to this, it is possible for a USB host, which is the name of the device from which data and electricity come out, to power and transmit information to an external device, be it your Smartphone or perhaps a camera.

On pins 1 and 4 is where it comes from electric current is transmitted, while the rest of the pins are where the data is transmitted.

This electricity is transmitted via a USB cable, it has an output voltage of 5V, the only variant is the permissible amperage, which can vary from 500 mA, which is normally the standard measurement, to 1500 mA, which is more than everything. what the brand of the wall adapters.

USB 3.0 can measure 900 mA. However, it should be noted that there are devices like Apple's where the iPhone delivers 2100mA at 5V.

With all this information present and taking into account how USB cables work and the volts and amperages it transmits, how can you use them to get electricity? Next we will show you how to do it step by step.

How to get electricity from a USB port easily?

To convert your USB into an electricity conductor, you will need some materials such as your USB cable, a roll of tin, a soldering iron, a small switch, electrical tape (optional) and a voltmeter to measure that all is well, likewise, you can extend the USB cell phone extension without losing signal easily.

In this guide we will use a small switch with which the batteries are used and in the small piece of aluminum, where it marks the polarities, it is necessary to mark the positive and the negative.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is grab the USB cable and cut the side you normally use to connect to the mobile (it is not the side of the cable that connects to the power supply)

Step 2

Now with the side of the thread you cut, you have to identify the positive and the negative. You will be able to see 4 colored wires, but you will only use red, which is the positive side, and black, which is the negative side. The rest of the cables can be cut so that they do not interfere during the process

3 pass

Devi spellare i red and black cables, a trick you can use is to use a lighter and heat the cable to remove what covers it.

4 pass

Now with the soldering iron, you need to desolder the small pieces of aluminum from the switch and on the side that you marked as positive, you need to solder the Red thread with the pond , and on the negative side you need to solder the black wire.

5 pass

With this last step you just have to connect your USB to the power and before turning on the switch, measure the voltage with the voltmeter to make sure everything is fine. After doing that, you just have to turn on the switch of what you will be using and voila, you can count on an infinite current. You will also be interested in knowing how to connect a USB memory to a mobile phone to transfer files.

And that's it, you will already have a cable with which to carry electricity easily, you just have to put electrical tape or whatever you want and that's it.

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