How to get cheap Netflix for less than 3 euros a month

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You are probably wondering how to get Netflix cheap to enjoy series and movies. The truth is that if you sign up for an account for yourself, you have to pay around 15 euros a month, however there are ways to pay a third of that for the service.

We won't teach you to do anything illegal to get cheap Netflix, but we're going to give you some tips and tricks that will allow you to enjoy this exclusive service at a better price and without any limitations on its contents.

Cheapest Netflix - share one account

This is the most obvious way to get cheap Netflix, but believe it or not, not everyone considers this alternative to save a few euros a month by contracting the streaming content service.

The proposal is very simple, you simply need to find four friends or family members and decide to join the platform. In Netflix you can create up to 5 different profiles and you can take the playback plan of four screens at the same time, so almost everyone can enjoy the series or movie they want at the same time. Obviously some won't be able to do that, but the truth is, hardly anyone watches content all the time, all day, so nothing's going to happen.

Now it doesn't stay than split the cost of the service among the five members of the account and thus you will have Netflix for less than 3 euros per month.

Open an account in Turkey

This is a slightly riskier step, however it's nothing outside the law. To get cheap Netflix from Turkey you don't need to travel there, you just have to use a VPN that gives you access to Netflix from a Turkish network and sign up with a credit card that you have never used on the platform before.

The reason why the Netflix service is cheaper in Turkey than in Spain is that its local currency has fallen sharply against the euro and a plan that represents about 15 euros per month for us, they can have it for less than 5 euros in the local currency exchange; so if you combine this option with the account sharing proposal, you will end up having the service almost free.

Netflix contract in Argentina for less than 3 euros

Until now, Turkey was the cheapest option to subscribe to Netflix, but after an update of its prices, the baton has passed into the hands of a Latin American country and it is Argentina. The country has really low prices if we compare them with those established in Spain:

  1. Base Plan: 279 pesos which is equivalent to about 2,5 euros
  2. Standard Plan: 459 pesos which is equivalent to about 4,1 euros
  3. Piano Premium: 669 pesos which is equivalent to about 6 euros

In other words, the Premium plan with 4 HD screens and all the benefits of Netflix, stipulated in Argentina, it costs much less than the Basic plan registered in Spain.

With this information in mind, we don't have to explain too much. Our proposal is that when you finish reading this post you delete your current Netflix account, then you install a VPN for computer, or a VPN for Android or a VPN for iPhone and connect to Argentina, so you can complete the registration process from that country, you will no longer have problems accessing the content from anywhere.

You will be billed in Argentina, with prices in effect in that country and you will be charged for the payment method that has been added, although we advise you to do this with PayPal to avoid inconveniences on the address and which can cancel your account for an attempted fraud.

Please note that Netflix is ​​implementing an account verification process and contact methods, including email, must be legitimate so that we can verify your account if required by the platform.

Cheap Netflix for mobile phones soon in Spain

Having cheap Netflix for mobile phones could soon become a reality for Spain and it is a proposal from the platform itself that has already implemented in India, at a cost of 2,5 euros per month and then a similar proposal also arrived in Poland, besides that it is not unreasonable that it could happen that the alternative is extended to the rest of Europe in 2021.

In fact, we recently learned that Netflix will bring the 3 euro subscription to more countries, which is good news.

Beware of free Netflix account scams

The proposition ends up being quite attractive, you pay around 15 euros to have the service for three months, for example, but it turns out that after 30 days it says your account has been suspended and when you look for the person who sold you the "account" it disappeared from Instagram, Facebook or any other place on the Internet where you got it.

Now that we have already offered you a couple of alternatives for get Netflix very cheap, we also advise you to be very careful of scams that appear on the net regarding the service of this platform. Many people are into selling fraudulent accounts on this platform and they are nothing more than trial memberships that will only last for one month; but their trick is to charge you for several months of service at a time.

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