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Generating hashtags for Instagram it is one of the best ways to promote and organize your social network posts. It can help you improve the numbers in the content you publish and it can also be very useful if you want to create your own label and in this way interested parties can get your publications more easily.

However, most of those who have an Instagram account and want to make the most of it need to know how, when and which hashtags to use in your own posts to get more impressions, likes and followers; since in many cases it depends on your account to improve.

Time ago Instagram allows users to follow tags that interest them, such as #tech, in addition to other accounts. By following that tag, content using that hashtag will likely appear in the feed of users who follow it, which will lead to more impressions of your post.

There are many free apps and websites with which you can generate effective hashtags for your publication, simply by inserting keywords that can guide the content and theme you want to publish.

We provide you with a complete list of these tools and we also explain how they work so you can get the most out of them.

big bangram

Let's start this list with an interesting site, which offers many services for social networks, but in particular has a free hashtag generator. In this section of the website you have to enter the theme for which you want to generate tags and then it will offer you a list of options.

You'll see that the page splits the hashtags into a similarity list and an organic tag list, in turn inside each box you will see the most competitive options, those of medium use and those of little use; this will let you know how competitive it will be to rank content for a specific tag.

You can select up to 30 hashtags to copy and then paste it at the end of the text in your post.

Website: Bigbangram


This is another website that offers you a free tool to generate hashtags for Instagram. Although it has several payment services, you will see that its label generator is free and you have the advantage of being able to make up to 25 queries a day without having to register on its platform.

The difference with this tool is that when you consult a specific tag, it will then offer you a list of options with which you can combine that hashtag, which is successful where you are, within the search segment with the original term and also related searches so as to expand your content placement to a wider audience.

Entering the website you should look for the free tools and then the hashtag generator will be there. In case you have to do more than 25 searches per day, you have to register on their website, which is also free and they will not ask you for bank details for this.

Web: Sistrix

Display purposes

We advance through the options with which we can generate tags for Instagram and we have arrived at this quite simple option. With this website you just add one term and it will add the 30 most popular and related hashtags to make your selection which you can paste in your posts.

Another cool feature they include is that you can enter your Instagram account and it does a personalized analysis on your profile to propose tags that go with your content, but in this case you must register on the website platform so that you can have access to it information.

You can set the limit of hashtags you want to use (up to 30, which is the maximum Instagram allows) or you can choose the options manually.

Web: Display purposes


Another alternative that you can try is, without a doubt, Instaloadgram. This proposal is perhaps one of the most innovative and also one of the most interactive, because it has an Artificial Intelligence engine that takes care of identifying the elements of the image that you want to publish and in this way builds the battery of hashtags that it will propose.

You simply have to enter the site and upload the image you will publish, after a few seconds all the suggested hashtags will appear on the screen up to a total of 30 and just press a button to copy them, then it will be displayed just upload your photo to Instagram and paste these tags into your post.

The engine takes care of identifying the most searched and most popular relative hashtags to elements that are present in the image, such as a telephone; There, then, it takes care of organizing the labels that it will propose to you based on the importance and search for that content.

Website: Instagramgram

all hashtags

You can also consider the All Hashtag site, which works much like the other alternatives, but adds an element of its own. Enter the tool and enter the term you are interested in, after that the page uses its search engines and establishes an initial proposal of 30 hashtags where the best options are based on the given keyword.

So settle a second list of 30 hashtags where you add tags that are also popular with those looking for that particular hashtag, and you can broaden the range of traffic on the content you post with that selection, which can significantly improve your impression profile.

Thirdly, provides a suggestion with 30 other hashtags where other keywords are also added that were searched by those who were interested in the initial term, so it would further broaden the searches, as it will incorporate your publication in the results of other topics, without going beyond the initial objective.

Website: all hashtags

Search for tags

Let's go through our list of sites to generate hashtags and now it's up to TagsFinder. This page has the same performance that we have seen throughout the options, but it has its own characteristics that make it so interesting; and it is that in this alternative we see that you can omit some content types for label search, such as: Porn, Gay, Sex and Genres.

Another advantage of this site is that you can geolocate your searchi.e. if you want to find specific hashtags for a country you can and this will allow your content to be targeted to a specific audience.

You can also choose to have the search engine skip specific words e you can also choose to search related and similar hashtags at the same time, something that could widen the pool of people your post reaches, resulting in more clicks.

Web: Search tags


We continue to see the alternatives to be able to generate tags for Instagram posts and now we have come to Tagify, which is a fairly simple option but still robust. This page searches real-time Instagram trending hashtags, based on the term you provided.

You have two ways to search for tags; the first option is a quick 10 second search where you will find the 30 suggested options to embed in your post.

Then you have an option called deep search which takes about 25 seconds to be performed, this alternative is used to determine in a little more detail the tags that are most related to the original search, therefore optimizing the terms and therefore improving the ranking of the content.

This page ensures that you don't have a predefined list of tags and not to use «scams» for its users, i.e. its suggestions of hashtags are genuine trends.

Website: Tagify


We now include an exclusive alternative for iPhone and it's Hashmeapp, a simple and practical application that helps you search for tags from your mobile, all you have to do is open it and enter the keyword and it immediately generates a list with the Recommended 30 hashtag options.

You have a button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to decide if you want to copy all 30 hashtags right away or if you prefer to select the ones you want to use in your application.

  1. Download Hashmeapp for iOS

i migliori hashtag

Now let's move on to another website that offers very complete tools to get an optimized list of hashtags for your Instagram posting, it is Top Hashtags. This platform gives you three ways to get your list of 30 content tags:

  1. The best hashtags: like the name of the tool, this segment takes care of presenting you with the alternatives most related to Instagram trends and that keyword, with the aim of quickly positioning your post.
  2. Hashtag casuali: this alternative is perfect if you have no idea where to focus your keyword or tags, because it does a random search which will help you define the correct hashtags to post in your account.
  3. Converti hashtag: this is a great option if you want to easily convert a group of text into hashtags and it also has the possibility to see the statistics of each proposed hashtag, to know which one you should use in your group of 30 tags.

Web: the best hashtags

Predict tags

This is another option other than those presented so far to generate lists of hashtags, it's Tag Predict. This alternative is a Chrome extension which gets installed in your browser and then makes suggestions based on the image or content you're trying to post.

The advantage of this tool is that everything happens in real time and you won't waste time going to another tool to generate your list, but when you choose the image or Internet content, you will also get the suggestions that you can copy at the time to put together your post quickly and with good search optimization.

Web: Tag Prediction


Let's move on to another application that is ideal for those who want to search hashtags from their mobile. This application is quite simple, you just have to enter the keyword and it will offer you the suggestions to complete the list of 30 hashtags, after which you just have to choose if you want to copy it completely or if you want to choose between the options.

  1. Scarica Nextstapp per Android
  1. Scarica Nextstapp per iOS


If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated hashtag generation engine, this is undoubtedly your alternative. This tool is ideal if you want to get the job done quickly, because once you enter your search term, it will create several lists: one of popular hashtags, with which you will get many views, another with related tags, and another with the most popular hashtags in the theme you are looking for.

Furthermore, you can choose at the bottom of the page from a list of options and then put your 30 tags together to complete your post. The advantage of this last option is that it shows you the positioning statistics of each tag so that you can choose the most popular ones and therefore your content is much more visible.

Website: Ingramer

Task Ant

The appearance and functioning of Task Ant make it one of the alternatives to generate the most popular and professional hashtags . Once you add your keyword, your search engine starts generating options and inserts the initial term first, then the rest of the alternatives and you can choose.

In two additional columns to the results, you'll see a counter that tells you the number of posts that have been made with that hashtag and therefore the level of popularity it has, the objective of this data is that you can identify the labels that you like best, comfortable to use to publish next to your content.

Once you've chosen from the list, go to the second half of the screen up to putting together your full group of tags and then you can copy it to add it directly to your publication.

Site web: TaskAnt

hashtags for likes

This alternative is a good alternative to perform quick searches from your computer. Though they put more emphasis on its paid version, it has some free features which they give you access to the best 10 tags available and that are related to your keyword, while also offering an index with a percentage of popularity.

In the full version you have much more features available which would allow you to have a better set of hashtags, however it is a good option to start looking for the right keywords.

Web: hashtags for likes


This option is nothing like the alternatives we've seen before, but it's definitely one of the best. This page gives you a complete analysis of your keyword and shows you all possible statistics related so you can evaluate the use of the term and the importance of incorporating it as a tag in your publication.

In addition to this, there is a section where you will see related keywords which are geolocated. They are in a cloud, the largest is the most popular and the smallest is the one that seeks the least, but in particular it helps you choose the options that will accompany your publication.

The comprehensive features of this tool come at a price, but with the free version you will have no problems with its results and its proposals are quite effective when you use its recommendations to add to your publication.

Website: Hashtagify


We come to the end of this count with an option for generate hashtags for instagram, ideal for those who don't know exactly what kind of tag to use. This page has a section with the most popular hashtags of each type and for all themes, in each of them we can see information about their popularity.

Everyone it is linked to all posts that have used them, but ideally you should copy each of them to create your list of 30 hashtags and then add them to the Instagram post you create.

It also has a section where you can search for specific hashtags and see other popular options that can go with it so you can build your tag list, aiming to gain more exposure for your posts.

Website: webstagram site

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