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Gain TikTok Followers it's not easy, you have to be persistent in uploading videos to this social network to try to convince other people to like the content and decide to follow you to be attentive to your new publications, so here are a series of tips to take them.

It's not something you will get in the short to medium term, keep in mind that getting followers on your TikTok profile is not easy and you have to be patient to see results, if you do things right you will probably get more and more people follow you

It also doesn't hurt that you also use some more general TikTok tricks to get the most out of this music social network, so you can learn all the ins and outs to be more visible and stand out, at the same time it can also increase your views.

Now we will offer you several tips you can put into practice to try and get people to notice your profile to be part of your list of followers, they are not foolproof, but at least they will help you achieve that goal of being each more visible.

follow similar accounts

Follow other accounts with similar content to what you post can cause them to give it back to you, i.e. they will start following you. Don't abuse even by following a large number of profiles, follow little by little and don't do it all at once and in the same day.

Some users may be looking at TikTok celebrity followers list and who knows if they want to discover new content and look at your profile then you already have potential followers who may start following you to see everything you upload.

Join fashion videos

Making original content is great, but you might occasionally follow the trend and join the making of the videos of the moment. At certain times dances or music challenges appear with a certain song starting to go viral as everyone does them.

Joining them is a good idea, don't forget to include the hashtags corresponding to the video so that your video can appear in the feed and more people can start discovering you, so your profile will have more visibility and you can have options to get likes and gain followers..

Interact on other profiles

Not only do you as a creator have to be dedicated to uploading videos, you can too comment many others and therefore the owner could see what you commented and many more people, you also increase the visibility and you could get some odd followers, although it is not a foolproof method.

You can take this opportunity to spam your profile a bit and encourage them to follow you, but you shouldn't go overboard because if you do the same thing every time you comment, it can be a bit boring and people will end up flagging you with the risk that this entails if they do, you do it many times

Upload quality content

It's a premise you need to be clear about, in order to get attention i Your content must have a minimum of quality, not only because they are well recorded, but also because you use filters and other customization elements that TikTok offers when creating the content. video.

It might be difficult at first if you are new, but you can create a new profile on TikTok separately to try out all the options it offers and leverage what you know to apply it to your main profile with the aim of uploading ever better quality video.

Share your content on other networks

Feel free to share your TikTok content on your other social networks or even pass them on to your friends or family so they can watch them and gain followers. This will also give more visibility to what you upload to TikTok and may help you with what we are telling you.

Encourage them to follow you, after all they are your profiles and there if you can do a little more «advertising» of your TikTok accounts and content, probably some people who follow you, for example on Twitter or Facebook, are interested in your content.

Accept collaborations, but with care

It might not be the beginning, but as your TikTok profile starts to get a good number of followers, a good start to continue growing your list of people who follow you is accept collaborations with other profiles, especially if they coincide with your pleasures.

This will again increase your visibility and make your videos and also your profile known to the person you are collaborating with, if those people have many followers they will see your videos and may be interested in your profile and who knows if you can have more followers.

pull live

It doesn't have to be at the beginning, but going live can be a good idea for your followers to get to know you better beyond what you do in the videos, you can get to know each other better in person and sometimes people really like it because it allows you to have closer contact.

For example, you can do them with a frequency of 1 every 2 weeks, but that's something you should see and if your followers are interested, that's something you'll know, it's another interesting resource that you should take into account.

Feed content on TikTok

With TikTok you can create high quality content, so visiting other profiles to see what they do, checking the internet to see tricks and feeding on content related to the social network is always a good idea that will fill your mind with ideas to create very good videos.

This will open your mind and help you expand your knowledge of what you are learning about TikTok, while also helping you improve your content. The more you know, the better because that allows you to be more selective with what you know and apply it to your TikTok profile.

be consistent

It is useless to upload a video today and another one in 1 week, it is good to be constant and upload at least 1 per day, but don't even abandon the routine after a short time because it can generate the same thing, which you end up giving up and not uploading any more videos.

Every effort has its reward, persevering will surely bear fruit and if you follow all the tips above, chances are high that your profile will start getting attention, people will start following you and who knows if this trend will continue like this.

Over time, steps could be taken to earn some money with TikTok, but it is not something within the reach of very few since, moreover, the profile, to access certain tools to obtain advantages, requires certain requirements.

As you will have seen, there is no magic wand to gain TikTok followers quickly, it is a question of carrying out various suggestions and advice, some may work and some may not, but it is a matter of time before you see your progress, even if the important thing is to be constant and not give up if you really want your profile to be followed by many people.

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