How to force the HTML5 video player on Twitch to be able to play it

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In the world of computing, new ways of doing the same task are constantly emerging. In order to make it easier and easier to access and use technologies, this is reflected in both animations, links, video viewing and photo captures. Also be able to create documents to publish. In the case of HTML5, it is a tool currently used to replace Flash Player in web applications.

Its use has been significantly increased, since the aforementioned Player came out of circulation, having had major security problems, however, thanks to it, the Internet is what we know today. A dynamic world, full of animations and endless possibilities.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is an innovative programming language, with which you can add multimedia content to your website or domain. With this new and improved version of HTML, you have at your disposal all the tools that Flash has allowed you and many new ones. Besides that you can create text animations, logos or even motion buttons, on third party sites and easily add them to your code written in HTML5.

One of the novelties that this language brings to web pages is that accelerates notably the its visualization, making mobile devices and mid-range computers able to open web pages much faster.

Furthermore, incorporates a tool that allows you to play videos by default, causing many people to choose to play their videos this way, thus speeding up their playback. 

In a more working environment, the way of viewing presentations has been changed, since it is now possible to view them in HTML, so that they can be viewed from any medium, without the need to install Power Point.

How to force HTML5 video player in Twich?

When we want to see a live in Twich, it turns out that by default, the page forces us to play it with its old viewer, which can make us throttle our speed or that in old equipment, the video is terminated or cut. We can also see our performance diminished.

Because of this, the question arose of how to get the video to play via HTML5?, This is not difficult to achieve and you will only have to use a small extension, which will automatically run your favorite videos or broadcasts with this new method.

If you are in Chrome, you will have to open the app store and in the search bar you will have to write "Twich HTML5", you will get an extension with the HTML logo and you will have to add it to your browser. This extension runs in the background and works automatically.

So, you just have to open your favorite channel and start watching, you won't have to go through any other complicated steps or processes.

Disadvantages of using HTML5

Despite all the good things that are said about this tool, it is important to clarify that not all is well at the moment, there are still things missing from the application and therefore, it cannot yet be universally implemented on all web pages. When using HTML5 you must have stable internet, and for this it is always good to have both your WIFI and LAN driver updated.

Among the most important is that there is still no way to apply the video player to all Web browser existing, being limited to a large extent. Besides that, if we want to add annotations to the videos or changes to the subtitles, for the moment it will be totally impossible.

As for mobile phones, it is known that it speeds up the display of web pages, however HTML5 is subject to the fact that every time there is a change or improvement in the operating system of the mobile, it must update and modify its code., in order to function correctly with the new mode.

This differentiates it from Flash, since the latter has innovated more in these aspects and still today, after its decommissioning, has utilities still used by web programmers.

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