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When we don't want an application to run in the background, we can force close the app, we can do it with WhatsApp, Facebook and any other type of app that bothers us because it keeps working while we don't see it visibly when we use the phone.

The reasons that would lead us to this decision would be, for example, why we notice a high battery consumption although we have rather little cell phone usage. For example, the problem of Facebook is known, which consumes a lot of battery.

We could also force close any app if we see that it does not work successfully, hangs and does nothing, or due to any other mishap that prevents it from working as intended. As a last resort, you should restart your smartphone or permanently uninstall it if the problems are not solved.

In any case, we will show you what steps you need to follow to force close WhatsApp:

  1. Close WhatsApp by entering the activity view, which shows which apps are running in the background, you do it with the virtual button on the right, just the one next to the start and back buttons.

  1. Now that we have WhatsApp closed, we have to go to settings/applications/all applications and search for WhatsApp (the path may vary depending on the phone model you have).
  2. Once inside, you just have to click on the "force stop" option to force-close the app and prevent it from running in the background until you reopen it. If you receive a message that there may be performance issues, accept it.

If you have an iPhone, you need to know that in this operating system there is no way to force close WhatsApp and other apps like in Android, instead the only thing you can do is remove the possibility of background update, but nothing else.

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