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What is the difference between following someone and being friends?

In general, people tend to follow celebrities or influencers, well-known brands, companies or the news, especially as these users set up their accounts more publicly. They do this so that the need to send a friend request is not involved.

When it comes to friends, these are people you usually meet in person or who might have some kind of connection with you. When you follow a person, it's usually because that person awakens interests in you, as in the case of public figures or influencers.

Another big difference is that when it comes to friends, the Facebook page sets a specific limit. But when it comes to followers, there are no limits.

However, it should also be noted that Facebook users can avoid being followed. This is achieved by accessing the »Who can follow me« option. Many others come from this option that you can turn on or off, especially if you are followed by a large number of people and assume the role of a public figure.

What information can you see when you follow a person?

The information you can access will always depend on the privacy settings set by the person or page. Following the profile, you can be aware of all the activities, posting photos, information, videos, news and other news. Another very important point is that there is also the possibility of having a communication with the account via chat without requiring a friend request.

This means that it is beneficial and even feasible to be able to follow a profile, since it is easier to communicate while you are aware of interesting things for you, be it sports, international news, world of cinema and much more.

Steps to follow a person on Facebook

  • First you need to enter Facebook and login by filling in the required fields with your email or phone number and password.
  • Then find the page you want to follow in the Facebook search engine to access its profile. The option for " continue »Will appear on the bar, which you need to press.

Is there a way to follow someone without them knowing?

You may want to follow your Facebook friend or an account that interests you. If what worries you is that he may find that you are following him, you need to know that there is no way to follow a person without them knowing. We can advise that if you want to follow a page without realizing that it is you, create a dummy account to reach it or follow it from an account other than your own.

When you search a lot for someone on Facebook, do you find out?

It is true that you can visit the profile of your friends or people of your interest simply by typing their names in the search engine. However, this person you are looking for will not notice that you visit their profile one or more times. In principle, it is also not possible to use other applications to find out who visits your profile, although there are always some tricks that users can use to find out who visits their profile.

Just in case you are concerned that strangers may have access to your profile to take a look at your information, posts, etc. You do not have to worry! We recommend that you access your privacy settings so that you can set the option that only your friends can have access to your personal information.

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