How to fix the problem: My iPhone does not turn on, does not turn on or does not respond

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The problem that brings us today does not have a general solution, because unfortunately this problem it can be due to many things. Either way, there are several optional reject options that we can use and then see if the problem has a solution.

Before starting you will need to check if the device is responding to the loads. If not, try to fix your iPhone won't charge, then read what we need to tell you next.

In the first place, do not despair, because through the methods we will talk about today it is possible to do turn your iPhone back on. Either way, don't expect to find a magical solution if the problem is more serious.

How To Fix: My iPhone Won't Turn On, Turn On, Or Not Responding

Your phone not turning on can be due to a myriad of things, it can be physical damage or damage to the software. In case it is a simple logical damage, it is possible to restart our device without much difficulty.

Try turning on with this button combination

There is a way in which we can turn on our iPhone in case of certain problems, this procedure is very simple to do and is for rule out any major problems. Follow our instructions to try this simple method:

The method we will use this time is called Forced Restart and it is designed precisely for those circumstances in which a device does not turn on. Without further ado, please note the following to test this feature.

  • Just press the Home button at the same time as power button. Press for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • If it worked, the device did will restart.

This method is efficient when our phone does not have a serious problem, that is, for circumstances in which hung up for one reason or another. It is a way to turn the device on in these types of circumstances.

On the other hand, sometimes you cannot press the Home button because it is unresponsive or damaged, in that case, we recommend that you reset or restart an iPhone without pressing the home button.

DFU mode, a more advanced solution

DFU mode is the one we can access in case of problems with our device. Through it we can access the backup copies previously made in iCloud.

Remember that to use this method you must have made a backup first, you must also enter iTunes, on the other hand if for some reason you can't get into iTunes, it is convenient to put DFU Mode on iPhone or iPad without iTunes. In any case this is only recommended for exceptional circumstances, it is best to do it in the most basic way, following the steps below.

Use DFU mode to fix iPhone won't turn on problem

  • To use this option, the first thing to do is connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable. Remember to have the iTunes application open before performing the procedure.
  • What you should do now is press the simultaneously Home button and power button, press them until the Apple logo appears.
  • You will notice that something else also appears on the screen, the logo of iTunes.
  • Likewise, a warning will appear on the computer stating that there are problems with the device. Besides this, two options are shown, Restore o Update, select the one that looks best to you.
  • In any case, remember that if you click on the option Restore, you will need to recover the data previously stored in iCloud.
  • Regardless of which option you select, after completing the process you will be able to use your device normally again.

The methods above are the ones that most of the users can use in case their own devices do not start up, it can also help you know how to force restart iPhone 11, which is usually valid for other devices. In any case, if all of the above has not solved your problem, it is best to go to a specialized technician or take the mobile directly to an Apple branch.

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