How to fix the notification problem on Xiaomi Mi Band?

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It is no secret that one of the main features and functions of the device is to activate and synchronize the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet with your mobile phone and see the notifications.

Unfortunately, the application that both computers are connecting with has had some synchronization errors in terms of notifications.

Therefore, we bring this guide with a collection of methods to try to solve some problems on Xiaomi Mi Band 2, 3 e 4.

Problem with Xiaomi mi Band notifications

Verifying that notifications are turned on is the obvious solution and the least common situation. But, if for some reason the Mi Fit App (which is the one that allows the connection) has returned to the factory settings, it is possible that the settings made have been canceled.

Consequently, notifications could be disabled, to solve it, go to the tab » Profile »And click on the band.

Subsequently, in the section " Alerts »For applications, the equivalent option will be provided and then click» Manage applications «.

Already in this section you will select all those applications you want to synchronize, and so the notifications will have been activated again on the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Background synchronization

Another reason for this kind of problem with notifications is because Mi Fit's background sync is disabled.

In this sense, there are many mobile devices that have a fairly aggressive battery saving, limiting the function of other apps in the background.

This could cause the Mi Fit to stop working or work randomly in this case. The good thing is that it has a solution.

All you have to do is go to the section " Settings "And then in" Applications ". For, immediately after, choose the card » MyFit «.

In the latter, you have to go to the section called " Permissions " or also " Battery ". And only two options will need to be checked.

The first will be that the mode is active " Automatic start ", As it is" No restrictions ", Obviously this inside the settings window in" Background «.

Enable call alerts

Making sure that call notifications are activated can be the solution to when they do not vibrate and that is why notifications are not notified on the Xiaomi Mi Band.

In this case, you have to go to the form " Profile ", And in this click on the option" Incoming calls «.

Now, to immediately receive call notifications, you will have to deactivate the mode " Delay calls «.

Furthermore, also choose to activate the other options that are " Incoming call alerts " And " Show contact information “, It will be of great help.

For more than one app: Check your settings

This type of equipment has its entire ecosystem and a large number of applications compatible with it are included within it.

In this way, many of these Apps, such as Tools and Mi Band and Notifity and Fitness, allow you to adapt the notifications of the Xiaomi Mi band to the user's tastes.

To achieve this, you will have to resort to the notification settings of each application to check the particular situation related to the problem.

As for the procedure, first it will be necessary disable alerts in Mi Fit, to prevent them from entering into conflict.

Another aspect to consider is that all other applications within the Mi Band depend on Mi Fit to work properly, so it will not be possible to do without the latter or uninstall it.

These are just some of the main notification problems on Xiaomi Mi Band that usually arise, as well as their possible solutions.

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