How to fix or repair a cell phone or cell phone charger step by step

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On more than one occasion, our charger suddenly stops working and we don't know what to do. Because of this, you have surely wondered how repair or repair a cell phone or cell phone charger? Here we will give you some steps, so that you can give first aid to your charger.

As mobile technology advances, so does your power supply. With the release of new and better models of mobile phones, the need arose to create new and better chargers, which shorten charging times, making it much easier to use our mobile phone.

First method to repair a mobile charger

If your charger has suddenly stopped working, chances are the damaged one is actually your device's cable, so you should first check for visible damage.

If this is the case and your charger has a damaged part of the cable, you can first check if it is still charging your mobile phone or if it is completely dead. In case you are still carrying it, you can restore stability by using some duct tape or tape, preferably black. Anyway you can use any.

Try not to exert too much pressure on the cable and give it a few turns with the tape, thus restoring its firmness. This can be a half solution, as it is something we can do if we don't have welding experience or don't have the tools. 

Although rare, it is possible that the one that is damaged is the USB port and not the charger itself. To rule this out, we must remember that electricity can be drawn from any USB port. And what's better than that use those of our PC or laptop. You will only have to connect your mobile to the USB port of the computer and check if it charges or not.

Second method to repair a cell phone charger

Another slightly more complex way to repair our charger is to repair the affected sector directly. In this case we will need a soldering iron and tin, also if you want you can use gloves as a safety measure.

In the first instance you will have to identify the affected area, and make a cut, then you will need to peel the two ends respectively. You will find 2 pairs of wires and you will need to expose the copper of all wires respectively. In case you don't have a soldering iron, you can always join the cables with your fingers.

In that case you have to be careful why they are fragile cables. If you are going to solder them, you will need to use some solder on each wire and join each wire with its equal at the other end. You have to respect the colors and only match those that have the same color. In case your charger is fast charging, it is the same procedure and similarly you will find 2 pairs of cables.

It may be the case to find a mesh that wraps the two pairs of cables. In these cables you can cut it directly, since it is difficult to splice, but if you are welding you can also join it to the other part of the mesh. Once this is done you will need to isolate each of the joints with small scraps of adhesive tape.

Factors to consider when charging your mobile device

An important factor is the time it remains connected to the power, because many times the mobile phone is fully charged and even so we leave it in charge. This usually happens often when we charge our mobile at night. For this reason it is important to disconnect our charger from the power when we stop using it. 

While it is inevitable that our devices will be damaged at some point, we can always extend their useful life. In the case of mobile chargers, care must be taken in the connect them in public areas, as they can be affected by high voltages.

 Something that greatly reduces the life of the chargers is to bend the cable during use, this greatly weakens its internal parts and causes them to break and stop working. For this reason it is always better to leave our phone charging on a surface and not move it too much.

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