How to fix my PC player if it does not recognize or comes out blank a CD or DVD

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The PC or computer as it is also known is a crucial tool for the development of the human being in the technological field. The use of the computer there allows you to carry out activities in a much easier way, since by using a digital platform, boring processes involving materials such as sheets or paper are avoided.

Over time, computers have gained strength in the technology sector, incorporating new intelligent actions, among which the integration of fundamental tools such as the Internet and other operating systems stand out.

How to fix my PC player if it does not recognize or comes out blank a CD or DVD?

DVD is a device created over ten years ago. And whose purpose is the reproduction of archived content on discs or CDs. This type of technology was considered revolutionary for the time, as it allowed for the display of educational, recreational and information materials at home.

The creation of the DVD required the teamwork of more than ten tech giants including Sony and Philips, however the invention cannot be attributed to any specific company. The final version came out in mid-1997, and from this moment an important movement began in which the CD industry was the protagonist.

Later, building on the success of the DVD, the technology companies that marketed the computers included a device called PC player which performed the same function as the DVD. But it was also much more practical, since it didn't require any key connections and was displayed through the monitor window.

Why doesn't a CD player on my computer read or support a CD?

There are several reasons why a CD player on your computer won't read or support a CD. We explain what the causes may be and how to solve them:

The first action is the check if the disc has no dents or dirty surfaces, which can prevent reproduction. The next thing is to check the correct positioning of the CD. To do this, check that the "shiny" part of the CD is in contact with the PC drive and that the lid section is facing outwards.

Another reason a CD won't play in a PC player is because the its format is not compatible with the computer's operating system. These types of incidents can occur in old media, which is usually heavy.

Il PC player consists of a laser light which has the task of decrypting and reproducing the contents of the CD. Try cleaning the laser reader with isopropyl alcohol which you can buy at any drugstore or pharmacy in your city or you can also try contact lens liquid.

Steps to repair my PC player if it does not recognize or comes out blank a CD or DVD

Windows uses some sort of filters which must be compatible with the CD Buffer. To apply them, you need to try the following process:

  • Log into your computer and click on start button (symbolized by the Windows logo). You will then have access to several options in Windows.
  • Click the search section and type the command » REGEDIT «. After getting the results, click on them with the secondary button and choose the option "run as administrator".

  • In case the password is requested, it is necessary enter it to access the folders in this section. Now try each of the available folders.
  • Click on each of the folders until you find the following path: HKEY_LOCAl_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
  • You must make sure that it is precisely this sentence and that by clicking on this record ({4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}) you can delete the following files: UpperFilters and LowerFilters.
  • Close the tabs and restart your computer.

It is important to keep in mind that if after performing all these actions you are still unsuccessful, it is likely that the player is damaged, so you will need to change it.

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