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How to know who likes me on Badoo? Or, How do you find someone you like on Badoo without paying or superpowers? These are, among other things, some of the desirable questions that many Badoo users ask themselves when meeting people and flirting on this online friendship and dating service.

Well, in Handy Resources we have solved this question and we want to share a cheat guide so that you can easily detect the user(s) who have taken interest in you by clicking on the heart icon appearing in the Dating game on Badoo.

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How can I find out who likes me on Badoo?

First, it can be said that you can effectively find out who you might like on Badoo and to get to know him, you have to go to the section or option «He likes me«, along with the other options in Badoo. Badoo and where you can see the users who voted «Yes» when they saw you in game Badoo Encounters.

Now, in case you don't have a paid membership on Badoo, you will therefore find that people who appear in the section «I liked it» have a mosaic or pixel image and therefore you cannot distinguish who they are and satisfy this natural concern of knowing who likes me and for this reason, below I leave you 3 tricks to bypass this restriction and discover who likes you on Badoo, be careful.

How to find out who likes me on Badoo | Trick no. 1

The first trick to find out who likes them on Badoo is the most suitable to use and serves for so many other things and that are worth knowing to get the most out of it and what they are, i Super Badoo poteri which allow in a good way to reveal which users are behind those «Yes» when they play Dating on Badoo.

Well, as many of you already know, Badoo Superpowers have a cost that not everyone is willing to pay right away and for this reason I want to share with you a great hack that will allow you to get Badoo Superpowers for free and find out with it who likes you on Badoo. Find out here …>>

How to find out who likes me on Badoo | Trick no. 2

Now if you have used the previous cheat that you can't use again for free and want to know who likes you on Badoo without Superpowers or without paying, then this trick or card up your sleeve can fall like rain on you. can…

Well what they should do is simply play Dating on Badoo but, with a trick… I tell you, they will click on the option «Matches» so that a page loads where they can choose to click the heart icon when they like the user photo they see, or the cross icon when they don't like the user photo they view.

Thus, the deception or the idea is to click on the heart icon in the photos of all users that appear because -in general- the Badoo system makes that person who likes you appear in the first positions of the game » Dating » and so , you can have a mutual attraction and finally find out who likes you on Badoo. If you want to know in detail what the Encounters game is all about, then come on take a look at this guide …>>

Of course, it's one of the best ways to find out who likes you on Badoo and also, you can multiply the chances of meeting other people with this game by giving the «Yes» or the interest to other users in «Matches» and they can do the same.

How to find out who likes me on Badoo | Trick no. 3

A last option and I think it can be the best trick to know who likes me on Badoo since on the one hand we can get to find out but also, keeping the right to like each other or reciprocity as in the previous trick, is as follows.

First, you will have to go to the section «He likes you» and you will be able to see the user or users who somehow felt interested in you in a mosaic or pixel by clicking on the heart in «Matches«. Well, if you look closely at these photos, you'll be able to define some little things, like colors, shapes, etc., despite the distortion. which can be real useful elements to be able to discover them.

So now they will go to the section «Visit» and they will see very well, if those distorted photos coincide with some profile photos of the users who have visited them on Badoo because many times, these «we market» are accompanied by visits to profiles and it is very probable that some have been like this and for this you must always see the visits every time a new issue appears in «He likes you«.

After the above, they can safely play «Matches» presenting the photos that appear very carefully and see, if these are associated with the shapes, the colors of those photos in «he likes» which are clearly not appreciated and therefore, one or those users could be discovered and without even giving them a click on the heart. Then, with age, photos and other data, they will be able to start a search and access your profile.

Finally, they have the option to search for Badoo by clicking on «People nearby» and trying to somehow associate those blurry images » Like «with the photos of the users they see, and although it may seem that a lot of work monitoring is not, that's right… Well, if you look at the photos of » They like you» appear -if I'm not mistaken-, if you are online or not, the number of photos, the city and the first letter of your profile name, useful elements to start a search with these criteria as well as the shape, the colors of the blurred photos to get to find.

Well, these are the options or tricks you can take when wondering How to know who likes me on Badoo? And therefore, don't be left with the desire to discover this or those users and if you like them, be able to talk to them and get to know them, which is Badoo's idea.

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