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Today in the virtual world we can find countless social networks, most of which are totally free and easily accessible. By itself, anyone with a good internet signal and a device can access these media. Therefore, being so easy to enter we will not always find good people.

Due to the vast network of users that we find on these sites, it is likely, in the worst case, that something will go wrong. These cases happened to a large number of people. For this reason, many also choose to enter their private account.

Unwanted moments like hate messages, harassment, bullying, teasing and more. They are only a small part of the problems we may have by entering this course.

Therefore, in the virtual world we must always be careful and take into account what mutual friends we have with some people. But on the other hand, we have to be careful of any situation.

What is the IP address?

Now we can mention the IP address. This is nothing more than a group of numbers that identifies a device's network and even its location. Through this set of unique and unrepeatable numbers, each terminal is irrefutably distinct. This is to be kept in mind to continue.

Entering a large number of social networks, we may not notice it, but our IP address is hosted on these and therefore also our position. It will not be shown to us with the naked eye, but ways can be found.

In the case of Facebook, being the largest, most recognized and most important social network in the world, it has millions of users. These attacks are usually carried out from this web portal.

But, despite Facebook not showing us the direct IP address of the person who is bothering you, you can consider a important step to follow to locate that user, this way to make sure if it's just a bad joke or something serious that could be reported to the police.

Our first step in checking is to know if this person has sent us an email or, on the other hand, if their email appears on their personal Facebook profile. The point is that from this we can find your IP easily and simply.

In this case we will have to enter the options  di Outlook o Gmail to reply to your email, we will select the «Show original» box inside it. We will then have to locate ourselves in the default search of your respective browser.

From this we'll write "X-Originating-IPX" and give it a search. Once this step is done, we will find this person's IP address and be able to check if it is someone we know with a trick or problem that will require more drastic measures.

How to find our IP address from Facebook

On the other hand, although this social network does not allow us to see other people's IP addresses directly, we can easily see ours. also the identification number. But for now, stay with us and you we will explain step by step to get it from Facebook.

  • We will have to go to our account or user profile, there we will find several options to choose from.
  • We will click on the box "Account settings", this will redirect us directly to a new options panel.
  • We will locate "Account Security" and proceed to select it.
  • Having already performed the previous step, we will click on the «edit» button.
  • Again, a new options panel will appear, among this large list we will locate the «location» button and then click on it.
  • Finally, a new portal will appear. From there we will be able to view the option of "Recent activity" which we will select.
  • Finally, once we have performed the previous step, we can see the IP address of our respective Facebook account, in some cases we can also observe our location directly.

The world of social networks has a huge number of people, therefore it is our duty to be careful the actions we take while on our computer or device.

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