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If you want to know how to search for friends on twitter correctly and successfully, then this article will be very useful for that purpose, because here we are going to explain in a tutorial all the existing options or alternatives for being able to search for someone on twitter., find them and not die trying as sometimes happens to some on Twitter and in general on any social network. That is why, in Practical Resources, there is a tutorial guide that you can consult below so that you can search for people on Twitter without any problems or inconveniences and then you can contact them and, of course, follow them.

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How to find friends on Twitter with Twitter Search

The first thing you should do is go to Twitter and enter your account login details, i.e. username or email and the password associated with your Twitter account.

After entering their Twitter accounts, they will go to the search engine which is located in the upper right and which, among other things, stands out for having a search box with a text that says «Close your Twitter» and in addition to this, a magnifying glass icon is displayed, did you find it?

So now they will right click on the box and enter the name that identifies the friend they want to search for or find on Twitter and so, as they type the name, a drop down menu will appear with some results related to the search and in fact, which is none of those that appear there, they will finish typing the name and click on «Submit» or on the magnifying glass to correctly process the search.

With the previous step, a new page will open in which all the results with the term of that search will appear (people, photos, videos, tweets). Then, to search for a person, they'll click on the text that says «People» and they'll find it in a bar that appears at the top next to Featured, Most Recent, People, Photos, Videos, News, Broadcasts.

Once they've filtered or narrowed their search in People, they'll simply have to search the results for the friend they want to find on Twitter, by closely looking at their profile photo, name, their description, or by entering that user's profile to make sure they is the person you are looking for, when you find it, you just have to click on the button «Follow» on his profile and that's it, you will follow him.

How to find friends on Twitter with the search filter

In case you didn't find your friend with the previous form, you can then narrow your search a bit by clicking on «Show» located after «Search filters» located on the left (if I'm on a desktop computer).

By clicking on «Show«, a menu will open with 2 interesting options to filter:

  • By anyone - People you follow: allows you to search for any person or people related to you who you follow and who may actually have you in their contacts.
  • Everywhere - Close to you: allows you to do a global search for the person or geographically located near you and then narrow the search.

* Note attached | By the way, not only can they search by their exact name, maybe, that friend is by an alias or nickname they think they can use for that reason, do a search with them as well.

How to find friends on Twitter with advanced search

Next to "search filters» appears a little further down, a text that says «Advanced Search» and which allows you to start a much deeper search for the person you want to look for, click right there if you want to use this Twitter people search tool.

By clicking on the link text you will be directed to a new page where you can narrow your search based on 4 criteria (Words, People, Places and Dates), then enter the data you think might be useful for finding a friend on Twitter and finally, they'll click the blue button that says «Search» in white letters and with it will start a search with the filtered or narrowed terms indicated.

How to find friends on Twitter through email

This other option or possibility of finding friends on Twitter is quite practical since it allows you to find people on twitter with email. To take advantage of this option, they will then have to click on their profile photo located at the top right and from the drop-down menu click on the option «Settings and privacy«.

Now, on the page that has been opened, they will click on the option «Find friends» and a resource will appear where they can search for friends using Hotmail/Outlook and/or Gmail, etc.

Well, then, they'll click the button that says «Search contacts» of the email they have and in the window that opens, they will enter the email and password of their email account and thus allow Twitter to access their contacts and will be able to offer you the list of friends who are on Twitter with the email and you can just contact and follow them logically.

How to find friends on Twitter with Tweepz

One last resort that can be used to search or find friends on Twitter is using, which is an online service where you can find people on Twitter through different resources or tools it has.

At the moment unfortunately this service cannot be used as they are building something new and in the future, this search engine for Twitter users will come to light and interested parties will need to be alert when this happens, in order to search for someone on Twitter using Tweepz.

Finally, these are the options or ways to find friends on twitter which you can use when you want to contact someone on Twitter but don't know how to find them. Now, it must be said that some Twitter users have configured the option on Twitter to not be able to search for it under any circumstances and it is possible that the person you are looking for and cannot find on Twitter has this configuration or is registered with an another email you don't have, another name or alias, or you may not have a Twitter account.

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