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A short while ago, we broke down a terrific article: A Few Tricks for Finding Out if a Guy or Girl Uses Tinder, and that truth caused quite a stir (don't stop reading). On this occasion, we have come for something else… Yes, for your dear friends or acquaintances. Well guys, in the following article called: How to find friends on tinder we will let you know some tricks that you can do so being able to discover or find friends on Tinder and with that, you can be motivated to like them and from the friendship something else is born… Rub your hands and follow these tricks that can be very useful (the last one is quite good).

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How to find friends on Tinder [Initial clarification]

First of all it is necessary to clarify that Tinder does not offer its users any resources or services that allow to know if someone has or uses Tinder or in other words, it is not possible to search for people on Tinder by phone number, email, social network or in another way.

But don't worry, there are quite "tasty" palliatives that can be interesting to apply to clarify this type of concern you have, let's see them once and for all.

How to Find Friends on Tinder [Manual Trick]

The first trick will help you find friends on Tinder in an easy and discreet way, to use it you will need to have a Tinder account, some time, follow-up to implement it and a little cunning to achieve the respective measure, let's examine them by following.

Find Someone on Tinder [Part 1: Match That Friend]

To start using it, they must physically coincide in the places they frequent or those friends (university, work, restaurant, gym, etc.).

Find someone on Tinder [Part 2: Log into Tinder and go to Settings]

Once close to those (these) friends, with total discretion they must enter Tinder and go to their profile by clicking on their gray » profile icon » which appears at the bottom right of the screen.

They will arrive at their profile and then here, they will click on the option «SETTINGS» represented by a gear icon.

Find Someone on Tinder [Part 3: Set Your Search Range]

Therefore, they will reach the section «Settings» of their Tinder account and will now have to scroll down to the section called: «Detection settings«.

So here, they have to move the option ball of the option: «Range» as little as they can and in the option: «Age range» they will move the balls in an age range limited to the minimum and that of course, includes the age of your friend (if he has it and it would be much better for these purposes) and finally, click on Ok (in alto to destra).

Finding Someone on Tinder [Part Four: Scroll Profile]

Once the previous action is done, they will come to your Tinder user profile and now it's the moment of truth. That is, the moment to scroll through the profiles and find your friend and to do so, he will click on the flame icon that appears in the lower right corner.

Perfect, the swipeable section will load and different profiles will start appearing that fit the age and distance criteria that you have adjusted and you here, just swipe the profiles with great attention to these to see if that friend in question is dating, good luck .

As you may know, the Tinder app relies on the geolocation of its users and if you are close to them (less than 1km) and that person last opened the app in that location, chances are you can find them via swipe profiles , limiting the distance and age range of the person concerned to a minimum.

If they want more effectiveness in the result, they could also check at what time and place the friendship on Tinder is active (will it be at home in the evening, on weekends, at lunch or in the free time between classes they have at university, etc. .) and use Tinder in or around those places to find friends on Tinder.

It is true that this trick is not 100% effective for finding friends on Tinder and that in addition, those friends may have their profile hidden, have their account deleted or have another name on Tinder that confuses them and that is variable . must be kept in mind.

How to Find Friends on Tinder [External Trick]

This other trick, it seems, can also help you in the task of finding friends on Tinder and of course can serve as a complement to the previous trick, you will not need to log into Tinder (have an account) and you can – in a mysterious way : see Tinder profiles without a registration, I will comment it below.

After the popularity of Tinder, some free and paid applications and online services have appeared with which you can search for friends on Tinder and although it seems unusual, they are quite popular in the Anglo world, it would only be enough to enter or install them to start the search.

This is the case of,, or cheaterbuster who with a simple search can find people and friends on Tinder, they can try even if we have some doubts about it.

How to Find Friends on Tinder [Bonus Trick]

Last but not least, they can find friends on Tinder by employing a little social skill to get this valuable information that would enable them to find that friend or those on Tinder.

For example, they may converse effectively with that person or that friend's very close friends and at some point in the conversation and with some tact, bring up the subject of Tinder and ask indirectly, or perhaps directly, if that person has Tinder or even, play around with that by telling them they saw them on Tinder to see their reaction and response, with that they have some background on the table to start a Tinder search knowing it's there and not wasting time searching not knowing if it's there.

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