How to find free Wi-Fi with the Facebook application?

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This social interaction platform implements more and more tools thinking about the comfort of the people who use its mobile application. One of the things some people worry about the most when using their phone is saving as much browsing data as possible.

In this way, people very often look where they can find a free wireless connection as well Facebook makes it easy for you with an amazing tool.

Wi-Fi su Facebook

The feature to find free Wi-Fi with Facebook was recently announced by the creator with the aim of giving new convenience to users.

This tool was initially a feature available only for the United States, but was eventually incorporated into other regions.

In the end, it is a Facebook application available to everyone in the world, Android to iOS can enjoy it. This is useful for people who are on the go or are always away from home, such as businesses or institutions that have a Wi-Fi connection.

The advantage of all of this is that none have been found so far wireless signal for a fee, all those that have been incorporated into the map are free.


Find the Wi-Fi search function

First of all, you have to make sure you have the latest version of the application, this can be viewed through any of the Stores.

If it has been updated successfully, you simply need to enter the Facebook application by pressing the icon in the application menu.

Similarly, to access the function to find free Wi-Fi on Facebook, go to the App menu and enter the section that says " Applications «.

In it, in addition to getting all the games and other functions used by the user, you will see one that says " Cerca Wi-Fi »Represented by a red logo with the characteristic symbol of a wireless network.

It is important to clarify that for the function to work correctly, on the mobile phone or smartphone, the option must be activated " Location «.

This is because the App that carries Facebook works with a function similar to the Google map, and for this it needs to have access to the user's location.

This way the tool will work normally and people will be ready to find free connections from Facebook.

Find free Wi-Fi with Facebook from the function

From the aforementioned option, you can proceed to search for the free connections closest to our office.

When pressed, a map will appear, similar to the one shown by Google Maps when searching for a location in the browser.


When we look closely, you will see some points marked in red, which represent all those nearby links that are free or available to everyone.

Furthermore, there are two ways to proceed with this, the first is to go to the page of the place that has free Wi-Fi.

The second, as with any place found by a map, allows you to trace a path from the person's whereabouts to that sector.

In this way, the person trying to find the Free Wi-Fi with Facebook you will be able to find the place without major problems and with the exact address.

It remains only for the user to leave his home or wherever he is in search of the connection that has been shown on the map of the application.

The most important thing is that the person will not have to request access to it, because it is free, will just have to find a good place and enjoy free data.

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