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A little later, the first chat rooms appeared where you could talk to people on the Internet , the so-called fake profiles created by people who built a world under a nickname and made their interlocutors believe that it had arisen from nothing. Well, with the emergence of social networks, this phenomenon of false profiles has consolidated over time, becoming a reality and has also arrived on television, for example, with the program Catfish: lies on the net where truths and lies swarm the network.

Its this situation of false identities on Facebook exists but, in relatively small margins and are generally created, by people with a lot of free time who anonymously try to do what they would not or could not do by showing their real identity on this social network and By the way, sometimes these profiles are very crude and easy to detect, but others are really sophisticated and leave almost no room for doubt or suspicion.

That is why the following article as points has the objective that people who have Facebook can, on the one hand, be attentive to this type of thing and, among other things, on the other hand, establish whether there is that behind a profile person or is a created user identity.

Fake profile on Facebook | Things to consider

Luckily there is a huge amount of elements, things and details that can show if a Facebook profile is true or if it is a somewhat suspicious profile, if not openly false and it is precisely this, which we point out below and that is must consider or keep in mind.

  • Profile photo: It is undoubtedly worthy of suspicion when a Facebook profile does not have any profile photo in which the person behind that account can be seen or identified, or when the profile photo can be seen as a generic photo of something (landscape, animal or a celebrity). However, it can be said that this is an aspect that returns, but it is not enough to decide whether a profile is true or not.

  • Photo wall: although it is a minor element of suspicion, it must be said that not presenting any wall image connotes a certain disinterest and a bit of anonymity, of not wanting to show one's life or one's thoughts and on the other hand, a few photographs that does not match i.e., antagonistic to what a person appears to be may be a further suspect.
  • Photo albums: if on the one hand there are no photo albums that testify to a life, it is undoubtedly suspicious and very mysterious and, on the other hand, albums in which the user does not appear or is unclear or friends or families do not appear can be considered somewhat doubtful.
  • Friends: a user profile who has no friends on Facebook is nothing short of abnormal and somewhat strange, and if he has many friends (aside from a famous or attractive person), it can also be considered a bit strange. On the other hand, if you jealously guard the privacy of your contacts, you might be someone who can hide something.
  • Dashboard: One noteworthy point to mention is the message board that every Facebook user has to post what they want. YES, this user's wall has no posts or they are, suspiciously private and can't be seen, that's good evidence of something bad or weird going on with this user.

Another sign, in this same aspect, is whether the posts on your wall correspond to all other aspects of the Facebook user profile (likes, interests) and to what you have been able to find out for yourself or that said Facebook user has shown you ..

  • Groups and Pages: Linked to the previous points, it may be strange that the groups and pages you follow do not coincide with the person who is defined in your user profile or with what he has shown or made known to you.
  • Privacy: related to the previous aspects, a user profile in which some or most of the things are suspiciously private to you can be quite mysterious and indecipherable, managing to put a share of doubts on who is, really the person behind it. profile.
  • Activity or interaction: this aspect which is related to others is essential or fundamental since, if a user profile does not have comments or likes to its publications and photographs, it can show that something is going on, therefore, the friends and family of one or more manifest themselves otherwise and this would be a good point to configure the idea of ​​being faced with a "created or invented" user profile.

In fact, these key aspects or parts of a Facebook user profile can say a lot. However, they are not enough to reliably determine if a profile is fake and more actions will be needed to reveal and confirm this doubt.

Fake profile on Facebook | How to spot an imposter

If you have come to accept a friend request from someone who arouses a little suspicion and insecurity in you, you can obviously put it to the test, yes, that person has spoken to you and you feel a little curious.

  • Dedicated photo: a decisive element is simply that that Facebook user can send you a special or dedicated photo of him or her. That is, where your face is shown, and also include text written on paper or in the palm of your hand.

  • Webcam: Another element that can clear up this mess is that this Facebook user can be shown on the camera and you can see his face and hear his voice if he doesn't accept, there's nothing more to talk about.

Fake Facebook Profiles | recommendations

If you received a friend request on Facebook where you can't identify the person, you have only 2 options: decline the request or send a message asking if they know each other somewhere, and if they don't reply, the request will be canceled request and yes , replies must be identified and explained, clearly why he sent you a request if he is, a stranger to see so, whether his request is reasonable or reasonable.

If, on the other hand, among your contacts or friends on Facebook there is someone or some users who deserve some suspicion, you can analyze the aspects listed above and keep them as friends or delete them and if you have any doubts, you can try to talk to them or those users and test them to find out if they are, in front of real or fictitious people and then, you will know what you have to do, remove them from your contacts.

Finally, if you're going to meet someone you met on Facebook, we recommend that you get to know them deeper and always, in a public place where there are people and you can have some control over things and you should tell a family member or friend. friend who clearly indicates who they will meet with, where, at what time and what they will do and thus prevent some things.

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