How to find and avoid being found on Instagram with my phone number

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For this article we will talk about how we can find or avoid being found on Instagram, all centered around using a phone number to get a user. This social network, owned by Facebook, had its beginnings in 2010, quickly becoming one of the most popular social networks. Counting up to one billion users.

In their mobile application, several brands have used Instagram to advertise for free, further fueling their interaction. Its advancement has led to the development of new features with each update, such as reposting, stories, and even get users by connecting them on the phone. The latter is usually particularly useful, so we'll show you all about getting a user using their phone number.

What options do we have to search for a user on Instagram?

In our group of acquaintances at least ninety percent must have Instagram, because it has become common to ask the user to people we know or want to follow, but what happens when we don't know the user? It is at this time that there are several search tools that Instagram offers us, Such as:

Your name

In each profile we have the possibility to create a name for ourselves, it can be a nickname or even a short sentence, but we recommend that it be yours. With this more people will be able to find us quickly. In addition to that, the most people usually use their real name in this space, but if not, we can look for them in the following way.

Your username

This is the way definitive and direct to find a person on Instagram, using his username. It is one of the first things we can see on the top screen of our profile, being unique and with which they should make us yes or yes.

Your connected phone number

Finally, we can also find a person on Instagram as a result of their phone number, because if we save a phone number in our mobile contacts, we can link it to your username. For this it is necessary that the number be linked to an Instagram account.

How to connect Facebook with Instagram so that they find me more easily

On the other hand, we can also connect our Facebook to Instagram, but how is this possible? Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, making both social networks compatible. Thanks to this, it is also possible find friends on the two social networks.

Next, we will explain how to connect our friends on both social networks. It should be noted that our friends' accounts must be linked between the two platforms, since if they are not, they will not appear in either.

Methods to find friends by mobile number

Instagram ITA use a phone number when registering, so most of the users connected it to the social network. This allows us to find our telephone contacts, but how? We will answer this answer in two ways. One that uses the most basic option of Instagram and another that is applied by the configuration of our profile.

Use the native option to find contacts

The first method we have available is the most used by all users who decide to use a phone number to search for another user, being the native option that brings Instagram. The process is really simple, so we will explain it to you in three simple steps:

  • Insert the three side strips located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Once there, we go where it says "discover people" where we will have the chance to connect Facebook contacts and our mobile contacts.
  • We give it to connect with mobile contacts and after a few seconds we will see all the profiles related to a number that we have saved on our phone.

Tell IG to find your friends in the settings

Another way to find our phone contacts on Instagram is to say follow them from the settings. Like the previous method, it doesn't have much science and anyone can do it easily with these simple steps:

  • We enter the three side strips located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Let's go to the settings, where we can first find "Follow and invite friends"
  • We go to 'Follow and invite friends' and finally we enter where it says 'Follow contacts' having all the users we have in our address book.

Contacts on Instagram

Those who make daily use of social networks don't just try to hang out with them. They also try to connect with other users by looking for and adding friends, family and acquaintances. Each platform that provides its services as a social network has a different method for look for acquaintances.

Commonly users search for other people on networks by typing their real name or username, in some cases typing the email is also a good option. With all this on your side, it's easy to get users looking for you on the net, for this reason it is always necessary to keep the sound of the Instagram notifications active in case one of our contacts has found us.

In the case of people with whom you do not have the basic information of your username, it is difficult to apply the previous method. Well, sometimes it happens that some people don't put their full name. In circumstances like these, many come to search for users by their phone number.

Find a user as a contact on Instagram from their phone number

To use this effective tool, the first thing a user must have on hand is save il contact number of the person in the address book. With this information obtained, you can access the following steps that will allow you to find the person you are looking for.

Secondly, to find the user on Instagram, it is necessary access the application. Tapping the profile icon in the left corner of the app when it's open will be useful because that icon is like a server menu on Instagram.

When you pay attention to the previous step, the option to discover people will open on the displayed screen. In this section the user can access the contacts button. In the contacts button, the Instagram application will ask with a pop-up window if the user allows the application to search among their personal contacts, in this case i termini they must be accepted.

Users found by phone number on Instagram

After allowing access to your contacts, Instagram will access the people on the list, these they will be automatically synchronized with your account. All these people who are in the contact list will normally appear on the Instagram search page.

Every new user saved on the mobile will come automatically displayed in the Instagram search window. In this way, the account holder must be aware that every time he saves a number, it will be suggested on his social network. Network servers will store this information and synchronize it with the owner.

In case you do not find any user by number on Instagram, there is no reason to be afraid. If so, the existing reason is that contacts registered on the phone are not associated with the network, and therefore are not included in the user search.

Finally, a reason that can also be a cause of not finding registered users on the mobile is that they have registered their Instagram account with a number different from what they have in their contact.

By following the previous steps of searching for users, it will be easy to find those who have their mobile phone synchronized with the account. This makes it more effective to connect with close people, friends and family, see what they share by looking at their post. Also, it's not that hard to find a person on Instagram.

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