How to find an image from another in an easy way

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Many times we find ourselves in our daily work with some inconveniences that we don't know if they have a solution. But what actually happens is that we don't know how or where to look, much less the method to use. In this article we will show you what you need to do for find an image from another in an easy way.

Doing it online may seem very difficult, but we can tell you that nothing is further from reality and we can do it in different search engines. We will explain how to do it in the Google search engine and the Bing search engine and we will do it using the method known as reverse image search and you will see how simple it is.

Of course, the search for images it will be different in each search engine and it will also offer different results. Since as you have to assume, it is not the same to search for images by writing what you want to find and then see these images. And it's another thing to look for an image by taking another image as a reference, you realize how complex this whole process is.

How to find an image from another in an easy way

Now, as we have already said, we will use two different search engines and look for similar images. We can load the image directly from the library of our PC or if the image is on a web page, write the address or URL of a web page and thus have the reference image to do the search.

To begin with, we will perform the reverse image search from the search engine of Google images. And for this we can enter by typing directly in the search engine You can also access Google Images by clicking on the Google home page on the word Images at the top right.

When we are already logged in to Google Images, we will click on the icon shaped like a camera and which carries the message Search for photos. You will enter the reverse search section of Google and then you will have to choose the image for the search to be carried out. And you will have two different ways to do this and you have to choose between uploading a photo from your computer or entering the URL.

After choosing the option that is most convenient for you, you need to click on the option Search by images. And then you will get the results similar to the uploaded image, so that you can make a comparison between the uploaded image and the similar results. You will see the uploaded image at the top.

You can also make one custom search, if you click on the Tool option, a menu will appear above the image. Among the different search options you will have, Search by image, search by date and search by date range.

How to find an image from another in Bing

Now we will show you how to find one image from another from the search engine Microsoft Bing. And for this we will use the search method that this platform uses and is called Visual Search and which performs a reverse image search. To use it, you just need to enter the Bing search engine and click on the camera icon.

This action will open a window just below the search bar and to select the image to use, you will have three options. The first consists when pasting the URL or web address into where the image is located, the second is to drag the image into the window. And the third option is to search your personal computer's image library.

Once the option is chosen, i will be displayed different results of the search, this is how easy and simple this image search method is on this platform.

It is not possible to make changes to the images. The only thing you can do is click on the Visual Search option and with it define the search area.

And in this way we have finished this article which in a very simple way could teach you how to find one image from another in an easy way.

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