How to find a person via his photo on the Internet without knowing his name? - Quick and easy

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Seeking photos

Over the years, searching for images through the internet has become very popular to find the source of graphic content: information portals, social networks, etc.

Faced with these types of tools, the ability to look for a person from a photograph it couldn't be too far. Do you want to learn how to do this type of research? Then read on.

Preliminary considerations

First of all, you should know that this type of procedure can be tricky due to a privacy issue. The use of third party photographs has been the subject of many cases of fraud, identity theft, among others. Therefore, the obtaining this content must be by legal means.

On the other hand, research methods they are not one hundred percent infallible. So do not be surprised if the results are not what you expect, it will all depend on the type of information that can be found on the net.

Google as an ally

Finding a person via their photo, as noted above, depends a lot on data that this person may have stored on the Internet. And what better tool to do this kind of search than using Google tools.

  • Enter the Google image search service.
  • Click the camera icon that appears at the bottom of the search bar.
  • At this point you have two options: copy the link leading to the image in question or upload an image from your computer.
  • Google will automatically load the image and proceed to show you the results of the sites where the image in question can be found.

Web pages for searching for images

It is difficult for Google to be unable to find any information about the uploaded photo, because it is the leading search engine in the world. However, in the event of bankruptcy, there are always other alternatives that you can try.


It is an online service that, although it is true, may not offer as many results or variants as Google, but it is an alternative that never hurts to try, since, despite the few results, it can be strong. You can use it either from your computer, smartphone or tablet.


This social network is also a good tool to search for pictures in based on their URL. When you download an image, you may notice that it is saved with a series of numbers, underscores, and letters.

That address can be copied and pasted after and, if the profile that posted that photo is not private, you can go directly to the profile that uploaded it.


This online service also uses Google's search engines and has an extremely easy-to-use interface. The web platform can be used by computers or mobile phones.

Applications to find an image

In the application stores of the various smartphone operating systems, these tools too have not been long in making their appearance.


This app, available for the iOS, is an excellent search tool, which uses engines like Google, Bing, among others. It allows you to search through links, galleries and images that have been copied to your iPhone clipboard.

Search by image

This platform is available for Android and is a great alternative that provides a wide variety of image results that can be identical or have quite similar characteristics. Provides the ability to search for images contained in social networks, from WhatsApp, via Facebook and Instagram.

Starting searches

There are many tools to start your search and find that person's name, using the different tools provided in this paper. Take advantage of it forever!

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