How To Find A Partner By Downloading Tinder For Your PC - Practical Tips

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With over 50 million users, availability in 190 countries in English and Spanish, tinder is known as the most popular application for finding a partner among young people.

This is because you can meet a partner according to the application algorithms, you have more compatibility to be able to respond to the need for love in less time and with technology.

The three perfect functions to create one love formula in today's young people, so lost in technology that it would be right to use it on the problems of love.

In short, tinder is an application to meet people with common interests to be able to chat and start new conversations.

Learn to use online dating apps

Start by signing up in the app so you can view contact photos in the application that have been automatically chosen for you based on information you have previously provided in your registry about what interests you in a person.

When it seems interesting to you, you have to drag the photo to the right to indicate that you like it, while to reject it it is to the left, remaining anonymous.

But on the contrary, when both users like each other, the application sends a call notification Match to both users so they can start a conversation.

Find out the easiest way to download Tinder for your computer

To use tinder from the PC it is not necessary to download multiple applications, within the browser it is possible to visit the web version of Tinder, register or log in and start browsing within the proposals by selecting the buttons below the photo of the proposed user.

But if you want to have the application inside your Windows you can download a Android emulator which allows you to access the Play Store and download the application from there.

How to create a good profile on dating apps

Here are some tips to help you improve the your dating profile on Tinder and any other dating app.

  1. A good profilo's photo it means a lot, it is the first impression and no doubt a bitter or serious face does not generate very good first impressions. One foolproof technique is the use of bright colors.
  2. Keep updated the your gallery in so that we can show you as transparent as possible, as well as ensure that the photos are of good quality and that they demonstrate your everyday life, that they speak for themselves.
  3. One way to inspire trust is to connect yours account Instagram in so they have more access to your information to get to know you better before they get a match.
  4. Update the information in your bio with occupations, interests, jokes about you.

You know the main settings for your Tinder profile

Collega i social network

Without a doubt, linking accounts from other social networks generates a more real, authentic and trust-inspiring profile, so you can associate accounts like Instagram or Spotify.

To connect Instagram:

  1. From the application on Android or iOS, search for your profile> Edit information> Connect to Instagram.
  2. Enter your username and password to log in and that's it.

To connect Spotify:

  1. From the application on Android or iOS, search for your profile> Edit information> Favorite Spotify artists> Add Spotify to your profile.
  2. Log in and confirm.


With Discovery you can add your search preferences, to configure it you need to:

  1. Open Tinder and select your profile.
  2. Go to Settings> Discovery.
  3. Adjust the distance from your current location or age range.

Read the receipts

To prevent them from knowing if you've read a message or if they've read your messages, you can set it up.

  1. Apri Tinder.
  2. Go to  your profile> Settings> Change read receipt.


Your username is important to generate a good impression, as this in a nutshell defines your personality and what you are looking for in the application, so you must take this into account when create your username, since once created there will no longer be a way to modify it.


To keep an eye on any Match or message you can manage the notifications you will receive from your device.

Manage your notifications

You can manage your notification preferences directly on Tinder or in your device settings.

  1. To configure go to your Tinder profile> Settings> notifications.
  2. To configure iOS settings from your iPhone> Notifications> Tinder.
  3. To set up Android go to your phone settings> Notifications> Tinder.
  • To set up Tinder Web go to Settings> Advanced> Privacy and Security> Content Settings.

Other websites where you can find quotes

Aside from Tinder, there are more popular apps that can help you get dates from anywhere in the world.


Bumble allows you to make new connections to find a partner, friends or professional contacts, where women must take the first step to change the dynamics and modernize, respecting alike.


In English, Happn is an app that, based on your location, filters users with whom you can choose whether or not to like to chat if both parties like each other.


Thinking in the community LGTB + Sclssr gets to quarrel between lesbians and maintain gender respect and equality.

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