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A phase that is worth considering and to pay particular attention to for all those people who want to interact on social network badoo after created an account is necessarily that of complete your user profile with some data that's going to be really valuable as a cover letter and gravitating to generate some degree of empathy right from the start.

This process may take a few minutes, but it greatly increases your chances of getting noticed and interacting with badoo. That's why this article is dedicated to making it easier the way a badoo profile should be filled out with some basic tips to have a better chance and stand out from users who have not taken the time to make the most of it. this social network oriented towards friendships and relationships.

How to complete badoo profile.

The first thing to do is log in or enter badoo with the created registration email and password, respectively.

Once inside badoo they will click on an icon showing a gray human silhouette located in the upper right part (as you can see in the attached image).

On the page that has opened for you, you will be able to see your user profile of the badoo social network and that you will have to complete with data and information that truly represent you and which I will indicate to you below.

Name and age | The first data that can be modified according to personal criteria are the name or nickname with which you want to make yourself known and your age (if you are wrong). It is necessary to hint that if it is a nickname, it is comfortable to make a good impression and age, it can only be corrected once. To edit, click the pencil icon.

Aggiungi photo | Here users will be able to upload personal photos to their badoo user profile to advertise what it is like, physically. It is recommended that the uploaded photos be unique, have a good resolution and are attractive so that the eyes of other users can be visually delighted and interested in conversing with you. Click on a gray camera icon and then select the option that suits you best for adding your photos.

Location | You can change your current location at any time to meet people in your radius or city. To change your place you have to click on the pencil.

I want | At this point you can openly define what you are looking for in this social network, which can be simply to chat, make friends or find a relationship with someone from Badoo and which may materialize in the future. Click the pencil icon to complete this item.

Interests | You can enter as keywords some hobbies or interests that you are really passionate about or that you like, 10 interests are recommended. This topic is useful when looking for common interests or affinities or as a criterion for meeting people. Click on the pencil and write your interests.

on me | You must honestly and attractively write who you really are as a person, your dreams, desires, or what you think reflects or presents you. You can complete or edit it with a click on the pencil icon.

I search | Here you can write in simple terms what you are looking for in this network of online contacts. You need to think a little about what you will write so that there is harmony between what your profile says here and what you show when chatting with other users.

Personal information | In this section you must be honest and select some information that they ask you and which are: Relationship, Sexuality, Appearance, Home, Children, Tobacco, Drinks, Languages. Click on the pencil icon and complete this part of your profile.

Filling out the user profile is not an obligation and you can fill in some things if you want. However, it can be emphasized that a more complete user profile, with engaging and interesting information, plus some photos that show how wonderful they are, they make a big difference when interacting with other users, as they will be able to know things about you and you will generate more trust in them than with an incomplete or practically empty profile.

Finally, the most important thing is to search for people and start interacting in badoo chat, good luck.

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