How to evaluate a seller in Mercadolibre - Complete tutorial

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The sellers in Free market they each have their own online store and need qualifications to become popular and trustworthy on this platform, to achieve more, sell more products in Mercado Libre and regular customers in future purchases, you will also receive feedback for your purchases and sales in your merchant profile.

Why is it important to evaluate a seller on MercadoLibre?

The qualification of these is very important since that is what will give them categories within Free market, there are outstanding sellers and for each sale they will accumulate points in their virtual wallet which will soon help them offer services such as free shipping and others.

When we make a purchase on this platform, we help this seller and in turn we get a trusted seller if all the purchase goes perfectly, when you receive your product or service at your doorstep or by mail closest in time and form, the product arrives in good condition and you can enjoy it, it is necessary that rate the seller

This way you get good scores and just in case you have paid by credit or debit card through Mercado Pago, with your rating you can give the green light to the seller to receive the purchase money in his bank account immediately upon qualification.

How to evaluate the seller on MercadoLibre?

  1. Log in to your account Free market.
  2. In our account panel where we will see a circle with your personal name, we must select it and a small menu will open.
  3. In this menu we have to press the option "Shopping"
  4. Within this a new section will open with all our history of purchases made on the platform.
  5. We select the purchase we want to qualify and when we see the purchase we will have several options
  6. Mercado Libre will ask you about the product you have recently received and you should respond if you have already received it.
  7. When you confirm receipt of the product or service, you can proceed to qualification of the seller.
  8. It will ask you within the rating to give your Seller Attention Score before making or during the purchase.
  9. And a final opinion on the purchase, you can add in your own words that you like the seller or the product.

You can do this process with every purchase or service you hire within Mercado Libre, never forget to rate the user as it is up to you to be able to raise their money and be more active with their sales.

How to make complaints in MercadoLibre?

If you have to submit complaints to the platform or perhaps exposing your complaint because a product has been damaged, the packaging has been breached, or your purchase simply never arrived, you can open a channel for complaints in the purchase.

For example, if you select the option "I do not have it" when they ask you for your seller rating, they will often also ask you why you did not receive this purchase and there you can expose the problems or concerns you have regarding the product and the shipping service. Another way to be sure of your product tracking at the time of purchase you can go to the option for track or trace your purchase or sale in Mercado Libre.

Don't forget to always vote, tell your experience to other users in so that they can choose whether or not to trust that seller in question, it is important that your experience is good or bad towards this platform.

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