How to enter a password on WhatsApp: step by step guide and tutorial

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The human being, by nature, is a social creature, which means that he needs to live by communicating. Over time, the field of communication has improved even more. Now with WhatsApp you can not only send messages, but also photos, emoticons, videos, audios and even personal documents. This time we will explain how to enter a password on whatsapp and protect your conversations.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service that has revolutionized the way people communicate around the world. Every WhatsApp update you make it more interesting. One of the latest is voice memos, which you can now listen to outside the app or with the screen off, and more. Like any app, it has many pros and cons. In this case, this network does not offer a secure method to keep your conversations private.

How to enter a password on WhatsApp and hide the chat?

If you are one of those people who have information that you don't want anyone else to know, or you just want to protect and keep your private conversations from those friends or family members who meddle in everything. And for this reason, if you want to enter a password on WhatsApp, you should know that there is a way to hide them or, failing that, to block the app.

That's why we present this guide, where you will find several apps that will help you prevent anyone from spying on your WhatsApp. We'll also tell you what to do in the app itself to hide your messages. It's possible that you have several open WhatsApp chats that you don't want to delete, even if you don't want anyone to see them.

So, if you want to hide or keep certain chats in the background so they don't appear on your home screen, in this post we will tell you how to do it from the application or through other tools. For both your Android and iOS device.

1- Su Android

In this section, we show you how to save conversations that you don't want your friends or family to see when you leave your phone alone. While not as secure as other mechanisms, hiding messages from view without deleting them is a distracting process. To do this, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all you need to log into the WhatsApp app.
  2. Then a choose the conversation you want to hide, you can apply it with one or more chats you want to hide. In this case, it just goes to the «Fillet«.
  1. Locate the chat or chats you want to hide while keeping the conversation going.
  2. Once you have marked it, you have to select the top icon which is in the shape of a folder.
  3. The conversation will then be saved for viewing. To do this, you just have to go to normal conversations and in the last part you will see that it says «Archived chats«.
  1. If you want to go back to other conversations, you have to repeat the first point. Leave chat selected e click the folder icon.

2- Su iOS/iPhone

If you want to hide a chat on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, the steps are different from what you just read for Android. But they are also very easy to follow.

  1. Go to the app WhatsApp.
  2. Find the conversation you want to hide.
  3. You will then move the conversation to the left. Where you can see and choose the option «Archive «.
  1. Therefore, the conversation has already been archived. At the top of the application you will see that it says » Archived chats«, in this case it's your conversations.
  2. If you want to bring them back to the other conversations, you have to follow the same procedure, but this time from «Archived chats«.
  3. You have to choose a conversation and swipe left. Now you will see «Unarchive«, you need to click and your conversation will come back to the foreground along with the other chats.

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What to use on my cell phone to avoid being spied on?

Although it is currently not possible to enter a password on WhatsApp, in this guide we will show you some applications that will help you keep your messages and personal information safe. Therefore not you have to worry that your phone be raised and your conversations in Chat apps are watched.

If you want to go beyond the methods described above and want to be even more secure, the following tools will help you protect your device from intruders, not just from WhatsApp, but from anything else you want to protect.

1- WhatsLock

Is an tool that allows you to secure and block WhatsApp. But not only does it give you this functionality, it also plays with that attacker who wants to get hold of your phone by creating a fake screen for anyone, without knowing your pattern or PIN, to open your messaging app.

Such a screen is able to hide all the information that you have. Well, you can customize it to your liking by adding conversations and even fake names that you want the only person who wants to observe your conversations or your contacts to see.

Similarly, you may block the gallery of photos posted on WhatsApp. To do this, you just have to give authorization through this option in the configuration of your phone so that you can access all the history of your terminal.

2- Chat block

It is practically a very useful platform that will help you to protect not only your WhatsApp account but also other apps installed on your smart device. The advantage of this platform is that the auto-lock time can be set and adjusted. Therefore, if you don't use them, ask for a password when you try to access them again.

It also has a intruder log, whenever someone wants to enter the wrong PIN, the app takes a selfie so you can see who wants to enter your messages. You can also make other settings, like hiding notifications so they don't show up in the info menu.

3- CM security app lock

It is in an application approved by AV-Test as one of the best applications in this niche. It serves to protect your device and at the same time protect you from malicious software, as it includes an antivirus.

This interface is responsible for protecting your computer and your privacy, and with it you can save your messages, notifications, browsing, downloads and everything you do with your mobile phone. After installing the app, you can set all the security settings you want to activate.

4- App lock

This application can help you with WhatsApp and other social networks with just one Security PIN. What makes it different is that it has a section called «MAGIC«, where you have the option to hide the app icon and activate a random keyboard.

Therefore, when you want to add your password, the numbers will change as you enter it. It gets complicated the moment someone tries to find out about you. On the other hand, it can help you secure the apps or games you plan to install or remove on your device. After downloading it, you must go to the section «Protection» and choose how to improve your security.

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