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One aspect that iPhone users really appreciate is the privacy that the devices offer, since have personal information well protected is always of the utmost importance.

The photos anyone can have on their phone can mean very compromising information, both because it represents important personal moments, and because it involves sensitive information such as bank accounts, identification numbers, etc. In general, the private information a person may have in their photos is sensitive, which is why it is so important to always keep them well protected. 

To keep photos on iPhone safe, Apple allows you to enter a password in picture albums, and today we are going to show you how you can enter a password in a photo album on your iPhone.

What steps should I take to password protect a photo album?

To protect an album on your iPhone, you should know that you will mainly be using the notes application, and while it sounds a bit strange at first, the process is not very complicated. 

Put a password in an album

The photo album to which you want to enter a password must be created in the notes application. To enter the password, you just have to click on the icon with the 3 horizontal dots inside the note e select the "Block" option. When you do this, you will be taken to a tab where you need to enter a password next to a hint that will later remind you of the password in case you forget it. 

Create a footprint for the photos

When you create the password for the album in the notes , you will get an option that says "Use Touch ID" . This feature will automatically associate the fingerprints you have saved on your Apple device as a way to unlock the album in your notes. 

Hide files

To hide files you must first search for them on your iPhone. If what you want to hide is an image, you need to go to your gallery, click share and select the notes option. Then you will see all the folders you have created in your notepad, there you have to select the one that will work as a secret album in so that your image is stored in that place. If what you want is to save any other files to your mobile, the process is basically the same as what we just mentioned. 

What to do to hide an album on my iPhone device?

On iPhone you cannot properly hide the albums you have created in your gallery, because the only way to protect them for now is to do the process we just mentioned with the device notes application. 

When you want to add photos to that album hidden in notes, you must first remove the lock, then go to your gallery, select all the pictures you want to hide and send them to the relevant album in the notes. After all this, you can now re-lock the album and your information will be safe. 

What to do if I have forgotten the password that protects an album?

When you don't remember the password you entered in a note album you will need to go to your iPhone's options and enter the notes section. Among all the options that you will see at that moment, enter the «Password», there you will see that at the bottom you get a button that says "Reset password". By pressing there you can reset the key of your notes, however, to do this, you must first enter the password of your Apple ID, then you will have to remember it in order to reset the password of the notes. 

Can I password other apps on the iPhone?

To enter a password in other applications on your iPhone you have to enter the «Usage time» option, then you have to set a usage limit for the application you want to block. Having reached this limit, the application will be automatically blocked and to access it again you will need to enter the password you previously established. 

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