How to end calls with the on / off button?

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In today's article we will go to see how to end calls with the on / off button very simply and in a few steps. We will see a tutorial for most devices whose OS is Android and for those who have pure Android.

Something we can't avoid is accidents, and having a broken screen is quite common. Maybe you have a friend who has a broken screen or you have one too. This can complicate things when using the device.

Maybe it's not comfortable for you end calls from your mobile because you only have the screen broken in that spot or that it has a burned area. Perhaps the idea of ​​doing away with the lock button is quicker and easier. Be that as it may, the good thing is that it's not difficult to achieve.

All Android system devices have this feature for a long time. It is located in the Accessibility menu. On some occasions, depending on the model, make and version, it can be a bit difficult to find this option.

But don't worry as we will help you find her so you can finish any calls. Regardless of the app you're using, with the on and off button on the your terminal.

Android has many tricks and settings that can be done regarding calls, for example blocking calls from unknown numbers. Today we will see this simple tutorial which can help you have more convenience in cutting them.

This guide is too simple, we will go step by step so that no one gets lost and everyone can configure this option. They can enable or disable it as many times as they want to be able to test if it's really comfortable for them.

How to end a call with the lock and power button

  • The steps we need to follow to be able to end any call with the power on, off and lock button are very simple to perform. What you should do is the following:
  • First, we'll go up " Settings »From the app drawer.
  • You should now look for the menu " Accessibilità «.
  • After that we will have to search " Answer and end call «.
  • Next, all you have to do is select the option » Press the Power key to finish the call settings »O simili.
  • The method we discussed above works for the vast majority of mobile devices. However, for those with pure Android it can vary a bit and a bit further down we will specify how it should do it.

How to end calls with the power button

  • Let's go up " Settings »To our device from the app drawer.
  • What we will do now is to search for the section " Accessibilità «.
  • In this section you will see that one of the options is called " Hang up calls with the off button «.
  • It should be noted that some names may vary slightly, as it often depends on the manufacturer of the device. But the options are there.

This accessibility feature has been around for a long time on Android. We hope you have no doubts whatsoever when it comes to learning how to end or end calls with the lock button on my phone.



In case you want to ask something about the accessibility menu or you are unsure how to end any call with the on / off button.

Remember that you can always leave a comment at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to help you in whatever is necessary so that you can finally configure your device so that it is as comfortable as possible.

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