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In this short article we will explain how change your email   Platform GOT so you don't waste 5 minutes. If you are reading us from another country and perhaps want to know more about how the Venezuelan immigration and identification system works, you can keep reading.

What is SAIME?

The SAIME from its acronym is the Identification, Migration and Foreign Administrative Service, its functions range from issuing identity cards, passports, permits to foreigners residing in Venezuela.

It is a public body and was changed to this new name in 1999. It depends on the Venezuelan state and is linked to the Ministry of People's Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace.

That's why many of those living in Venezuela try to perform procedures, from changing their account password provided by SAIME to being able to complete the identification procedures. Now, why change the SAIME email?

How to change the email?

When we register on the SAIME web platform, they ask us an email which contains part of our registration, in many cases we have forgotten it or in some cases we do not have access to it. But you shouldn't worry anymore here we explain some quick and easy methods to change that email and still have access.

Method 1: email edit form

In many cases it is necessary to fill in a form that you can find online on the official website of SAIME. This module in general it is necessary to fill in the personal data and then go to a regional office of the government body and deliver it so that the office can proceed with the change of e-mail.

This is a very simple method if you live close by to the office and you like doing paperwork in person.

Method 2: Change the email by sending an email to the SAIME manager

If it sounds weird, but it worked, at least some users say so, this covers several situations from not remembering your email when you signed up, lost access to the email you signed up with, or receiving nothing from SAIME in your email for no reason.

To do this, you just need to log into an email account and write an email explaining your situation. The email to send to is

Must contain the following data, in order for the email to be valid:

Full name (as it appears on your ID).
Identity card number.
Cellphone number.
New email.

This method may be one of the most time-consuming to perform, but it is still effective in most cases.

Method 3: Data update request at the SAIME headquarters

Although we mention a form that you can bring in a SAIME officeIt is also possible if you go to an office where they have a customer service box, where you can change your email easily and quickly through the officers that SAIME has arranged for it.

Doing it this way lets you know more account details and the modification is done immediately. You should only go to the office that has one of these lockers available.

Keep the data up to date

As we have seen, there are ways to change email in the SAIME platform, but even so it is important to always keep our data up-to-date, while we punctually carry out our procedures. If you want to learn how to do other tech stuff you can read this article on how to change Outlook alternative or recovery email - Hotmail.

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