How to easily verify my Instagram account if I have few followers

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Verification on Instagram provides security to other users by telling them that the account they are visiting is trustworthy and legitimate. But surely you are wondering how to verify my Instagram account if I have few followers ; This post will tell you how to do it easily and he will also give you some tips that will help you get your blue badge.

Steps to verify an Instagram account even if it has few followers

  1. Log in to your Instagram account via the mobile application.
  2. After logging into your account, click on the icon of one human figure located in the lower right corner to access your profile.
  3. In your profile you should go to the top right corner and click on three stripes horizontal.
  4. When a menu appears, look down for the option "Settings" and click there.
  5. Now you will see another menu where you need to select the option "Account".
  6. In the «Account» section you will see a series of options in which you have to select «Request verification».
  7. In the new window you have to confirm your identity ; To do this, you need to write down some data required by Instagram.
  8. Write your full "Full Name" as it appears on the government-issued legal document. «You are known as», here you have to write the alias as you are known or the name of the brand.
  9. «Category for your account», this option has a drop-down menu with different categories, select the one that best suits your account.
  10. You must also attach a photo of your identity document (driving license, national identity card or passport); Instagram requires an attachment of your official identity showing your full name, date of birth and photo. If you are verifying a company, you need to attach documents from your company such as a utility bill or tax return.
  11. Click the button blu «Send».

Once your request has been submitted, you should wait for Instagram to review your request. It may take a couple of days, so you need to be patient. Instagram will inform you if your request has been accepted or rejected via a notification which will come directly to your account; It will never notify you via SMS, call or email.

The data you provide must be authentic and must match the document you attached. You should know that even if Instagram receives your request it does not mean that you will receive that blue medal, as the social network warns its users that a "request for verification does not guarantee that the account will be verified".

Factors that Instagram will take into account when verifying your profile

  • The user must comply with i terms of service and the Instagram community guidelines.
  • That give you enter to confirm your identity are correct and legitimate.
  • Instagram will verify your account usage.
  • Number of followers. This factor is essential for artists, singers or TV news accounts.
  • Instagram will check if there are any accounts within the social network that are trying to impersonate your identity.
  • If you have other social networks like Facebook connected to your Instagram account.

What will help me get verified by Instagram?

  1. Yes honest when filling out all forms on Instagram; do not resort to lies or exaggerated information.
  2. If you have a business, connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account. Also, if you have a website or blog, get noticed on the internet. But never put links from your other social networks into your Instagram bio, because Instagram won't approve accounts that contain these links. You'd better learn how to use links correctly and strategically.
  3. Increase your followers with authentic accounts.
  4. Post frequently news or content relevant. You can schedule posts to be an automatic process. Plus, you can use Canva to design and create compelling, impactful posts that your followers interact with.
  5. Never try to verify your account with applications or third party services, because this would ruin the verification process; As there is only one correct way to verify your account and we have mentioned these steps at the beginning of the article.

Instagram is the most popular social network in the world with millions of enthusiastic users of this app. But at the same time, several questions may arise about some functions offered by this application.

If you follow these tips, you can significantly increase the chances of Instagram verifying your account even if you have few followers

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