How to easily verify my DiDi account?

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Once all have been approved, you can get started; however, even if successful, some candidates can be suspended at any time, if reported for inappropriate behavior or for other reasons.

Today there are unscrupulous people who offer sales accounts to use as if they were legal and offer transportation service; the prices are different depending on the class you want to get, that is, if you own your own car or not. It is evident that they are acquired by subjects who do not approve the requirements , which results in the difficulty of verifying the accounts in DiDi.

How do I sign up for DiDi as a driver?

To register as a driver in the DiDi private transport company, it is necessary possess certain requirements ; the first is to enter and download the corresponding application, via a smartphone; Enter your name, email, telephone number and bank details.

Subsequently, some identification documents such as digital seal, current electronic signature, driver's license, background, car insurance, among others; which they can demand for as long as necessary.

In addition to the requirements of the car, which are also very particular and specific; in this way there will be no difficulty in verifying the corresponding account .

Is it important for drivers to respect the rules they are subject to?

Obviously yes; future drivers must enter all required documentation and have it approved; just as they must also carefully read and interpret the rules and circumstances to which they must comply; Above all, accept them , as otherwise they cannot avail and use the company's service. 

Therefore, if the driver starts to use the service, it is assumed that he has accepted all the limits defined for that moment; which can be adapted in the future as appropriate; In case of non-acceptance or in the presence of any type of fault, violation or disobedience on the part of the driver, the company will suspend all types of assistance and benefits for the driver.

How to easily verify my DiDi account?

It is evident that as long as all needs personal in addition to those required by the car they are satisfied, the driver will have no problems carrying out their daily activities; and therefore be able to verify at any time what is related to your DiDi account in a legal and simple way; as well as offering the private transport service to users who have requested it and earning money on DiDi.

The company is constantly in charge of conducting safety tests in relation to drivers who use their cars; and that have been approved to fulfill what is necessary.

All possible technology is applied, such as face identification, constantly updated documents, photographs, among other security systems; like this yes they can immobilize and hinder improper accounts.

Finally, it is known that obtaining approval in the company takes time; and the requirement of documents makes the process a little complicated, also there are no guarantees that DiDi will refuse you, this leads some characters to go illegal purchase of driver accounts

Not to mention the famous blacktrust psychometric test, which is applied for example in Mexico; where many do not satisfy the result.

That's why the company always recommends customers to check the data that the application sends them in relation to the characteristics of the car and the driver, once they arrive at the initial collection point and subsequent transfer to the final destination; this way you can avoid confusion and misuse of legally certified driver accounts.

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