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Twitter Analytics includes a series of elements created to measure the large amount of data, statistics and streams that can circulate through your profile. This comprehensive analysis helps you to make a comprehensive study of your tweets and the followers you have.

With Twitter Analytics you can support all your marketing strategies in a much more positive way. Likewise, you can use statistics to better prepare your content promotions by understanding and knowing your audience and their tastes.

What are the uses that can be given to Twitter Analytics?

  • You have the option of controllare the number of users who have seen your tweet.
  • Similarly, thanks to this tool, you can see how many users have clicked on the image or link that you inserted in the tweet.
  • It will show you the interaction that retweeted or the mention you made.
  • Detailed information on which publications your followers liked the most.
  • You will be able to know in detail those important data about your users such as: tastes, gender, demographic characteristics, etc.

One of the best things about this great tool is that Twitter Analytics is a completely free tool. This is a great tool, specially designed to be used by Community Manager, since the information it provides is particularly useful for knowing vital statistics and data.

Even if you own a small company or your own business, you will be able to know firsthand how to manage the information you provide to your users.

What's the best way to squeeze the data provided by Twitter Analytics?

Start by experimenting with the tweets you want to promote. Research keywords and create your own words to create your own trend and identity within networks. Once this is done, all that remains is to check said content and then check which was the one with the most clicks, retweets and even favorites.

It is important that you pay attention to the days and hours of greatest influence in order to accommodate your scheduling grid and for your publications to have a greater impact.

Likewise, it is vital that you know your followers, this way you can match your content to what your users prefer. The use of content strategies such as newsletters and different interactions are excellent options for reaching your users more directly and thus being able to have a greater impact.

Guide on how to use Twitter Analytics

There are two ways to log in to use Twitter Analytics. However, one of the best ways to do this is to click inside the icon that gives you that tweet with a thumbnail, in the upper right corner.

Once there, you will see that a small window will open with more options. Once there, you just have to enter the option that says Analytics

How to use Analytics

When you are inside the Analytics tool, you will see that you will find a number of options. In it you will observe various data describing the states and reactions that your tweets have had.

Within this panel you can access more statistics and which you can also use to use them to your advantage in your next ones advertising campaigns.

What is the basic vocabulary you should know?

  • Impressions: this concept corresponds to the number of users you have and who have therefore seen your tweet or your publications.
  • Interactions: Understand the number of times users interacted with your posts or tweets. This action is logged when a user retweets, bookmarks that advertisement, clicking on the user profile, clicking inside the attached link, etc.
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