How to easily use icons or emoticons in Excel

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We can get great results if we try to creatively include emoticons in our spreadsheets. Yes, they are the same ones we use daily to send WhatsApp or Messenger. But how could we insert these curious icons into our work, what function or tool we will use for it.

It is that these emoticons are already an essential part of our life, we use them daily so why not include these icons in Exel. Why not change the look and give a cheerful and fun touch to our projects. In the following article we will show you the easy way to include them in your spreadsheets.

How to use icons or emoticons in Excel

We will show you in a very simple way how to use icons or emoticons in Excel. Although it can also be done in applications like Word. But first, we'll tell you that you'll be able to customize these emoticons your way. If you feel it, you will be able to change the color, fill, background, etc.

And you can apply them in formulas too, what it means, that instead of a word, letter or number, an icon may appear.

We will teach you the two known ways to include icons or emoticons in Excel. The first is the activation of the touch keyboard on our desktop. But how can we do it? This is not very complicated, you just have to position yourself with the mouse pointer on the taskbar, which is the bar at the bottom of the screen.

When we position the mouse on the bar, we make a clip on the right, some options will appear and we have to choose the option Show button on touch keyboard. When you create a clip, it will be selected and the option will already be chosen and the keyboard icon will appear, on the right side of our system tray.

So how does it work, when you are in your spreadsheet and you want insert an icon in a cell. They just have to select the touch keyboard by making a clip on it, after the keyboard appears on the screen, they will select the icon with the shape of a happy face. When you create a clip on it, different emoticons will appear and you can select the one you like.

If you look closely, you can see that there are many emoticons to choose from, the one you select will appear in the cell and you can enlarge it, add color, etc. And this is the first way you need to insert or use icons or emoticons in Excel easily. But then we'll introduce you to the second way to do it.

Insert icons into Excel using the physical keyboard

To use this mode of inserting icons, you need to use the following keyboard keys, in this case the physical keyboard and not the virtual keyboard. They will use the key with the Windows icon, consisting of four squares and the dot. With that clarified, we'll go to the spreadsheet and apply this other way of inserting icons.

Being in the spreadsheet, we select the cell where we want insert icon and then we will go to press the aforementioned keys. Once this is done, a box with emoticons will appear, select the one you prefer and in the same way you can customize it to your liking.

And as you can see, it's very simple   easily use icons or emoticons in Excel, using two methods. With virtual keyboard and physical keyboard.

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