How to easily unblock someone on facebook

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Many times we tend to get angry with someone and the first thing we do in the middle of a tantrum is block it from our social networks and this is something that happened to all of us. The problem is that over time the anger subsides and that's when we make "peace" with that friend. It's that moment when we want to accept it back into our life, so the first thing we have to go through is this tutorial for unblock a person on Facebook. That's why in The Power Of The Green Android we will teach you how to do it the right way easy and fast.

What happens when I unblock someone on Facebook?

With unblocking a user on Facebook, they they will be able to see the public postings that you share from then on. It should be noted that will not become of new automatically Facebook friend, but you'll have to send him a friend request again.

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How to unblock someone on facebook 2022

unblock a user on Facebook, the first thing we have to do is the following:

  1. Let's give it «Little Arrow» in bottom right top of our login.
  2. So let's get into "Settings".

We focus our attention on the left side and enter the called section «Locks».

  1. Bottom «Block users» a list of blocked contacts will appear.
  2. We'll just have to give  "Unlock" to the corresponding user.

How to unblock someone on facebook 2022

A pop-up window will appear in which we will be notified of some privacy-related things in relation to the contact to be unblocked. We will also be advised that we will have need 48 hours to reblock the same contactfinally click on "Confirmation".

And voila, this would be the tutorial with the steps to follow to unblock a person on Facebook. If you have any questions you can always leave a comment, I will try to answer them. Don't forget the importance of sharing this article with your social networks, which will allow you to help other people… Thanks!

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